February 7, 2023
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Pine Gap Season 2: Did Netflix Renew The Show? All The Details!

Pine Gap Season 2

Pine Gap Season 2: It has been some time since Pine Gap released on Netflix. Is the series getting a sequel? The six-part Australian television series, created by Greg Haddrick and Felicity Packard released in 2018. Pine Gap is directed by Mat King and produced by Screentime. 

The international political thriller moves in the backdrop of locations around the Australian and American joint defense intelligence facility at the Pine Gap. The facility is set in the south-west of Alice Springs, Northern Territory in Australia. Is a sequel to the series- Pine Gap Season 2 happening? Here are all the details about everything that could happen to the show.

Pine Gap Season 2: Renewal Status

The show has not been renewed yet. However, the show isn’t canceled either. Pine Gap, created by Netflix and ABC Australia together in 2018. However, the creators and actors of the show are keen for a second season. Various faces from the show have taken on to various social media to show their support for Pine Gap Season 2. 

Pine Gap Season 2

Ever since the show released, there has absolutely no news on what is happening to the show. So, we suggest you not have many hopes for the future. 

How Was Pine Gap received? 

Netflix is doing a lot to make its mark in the international market. From collaborating with networks from the global market to developing shows that are not just shot in New York or Arizona. Pine Gap was a step forward in its mission. Netflix collaborated with ABC Australia to make the show. However, the show did not do well in even its native land- Australia. The initial viewership started with 580,000 viewers and then slipped to 360,000. The start wasn’t very bad, but later on, the show lost almost half of the viewership. 

Pine Gap Season 2

Not just the viewers, but even the critics did not like the show. The inaugural season of Pine Gap received very negative reviews. The series does not have a Rotten Tomatoes score yet, but it has four scathing critic reviews. 

The Guardian rated the series one star. Critic Luke Buckmaster wrote that the show was a soporific six-part series that can be charitably called not a film making per se, but instead a scientific advancement, an attempt to cure insomnia. 

Pine Gap Season 2: Will Show Receive Renewal? 

Given the negative reviews and low viewership, we doubt Pine Gap Season 2 would get a renewal. Netflix does not really reveal their viewership figures, but a senior member from the team reveals that they take into account how many people finish the series. 

Pine Gap Season 2

Cindy Holland- the vice president of original programming at Netflix, revealed that the show had a passionate and good audience. However, they have found out that far fewer people than average people were completing the show. So, they looked into what they would have to do, and how many viewers they would need to bring a season 2, the audience size was just really small.

However, if some miracle happens and Netflix decides to bring back the show, we will update you. If there is any news about the show coming back, we will put it in this place, so you stay tuned with us. 

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