February 7, 2023
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The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Duncan Trussell Hinted New Adventure In The Second Run And Cast Details

The Midnight Gospel Season 2

After the huge success of The Midnight Gospel, fans are curious to know what The Midnight Gospel Season 2 will bring. However, Netflix is yet to renew The Midnight Gospel for its second run. Right now, the entire world is severely affected by the current pandemic. Thus, filming for many series is still on pause. However, the animation is now in high demand, since achieving huge positive responses across the world. So, the series creator Duncan Trussell also believes that Netflix would soon renew The Midnight Gospel for Season 2. The creator explained his plans for the next season as well. Lets take a look.

The Midnight Gospel, created by Duncan Trussell and Pendleton Ward, is a science fiction animation series on Netflix. It sets Duncan and other guests’ original podcast interviews, that turned into crazy adventures. The series centers on Clancy Gilroy, a spacecaster who lives in a cloudy tape-like planet Chromatic Ribbon. There, various simulation farmers use powerful bio-organic computers to harvest new technology and natural resources. Throughout the series, Clancy travels through different worlds existing within the stimulator to interview the guests for his space-cast.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed The Show?

It’s been four months since The Midnight Gospel landed on Netflix. However, Netflix has yet to disclose the future of the series. Generally, the streamer takes a couple of months to decide whether the series crossed their targeted ratings. Depending on that they renew the show. But, currently, the streamer is mum to discuss their plans for The Midnight Gospel Season 2.

Creator Speaks On Series Renewal

In an interview, the series co-creator Duncan Trussell expressed his excitement for the second run. He said he’s hopeful for the series’ return and know what new things Clancy would explore next. Further, the previous season’s huge success gives him hope that sooner or later, Netflix would renew the show. The debut season earned a 92% positive response on Rotten Tomatoes and 82% positive response from the critics.

In an interview with Deadline, when the creator asked on the second run, he said they badly want to return. If someone from Deadline knows anyone from Netflix, then please give them the second season, he joked. They are badly waiting to portray everything they have planned. Since there’re so many stories still left to show, that includes some untold stories about the Chromatic Ribbon.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2: What New Things Clancy Would Explore?

Clancy On Deep Cosmic Journey

Likewise the first season, The Midnight Gospel Season 2 would grave deeper into the cosmic journey. In the previous season, a cop shoots Clancy. After then the entire stimulator and the people around him exploded. Now, the question that is Clancy dead? So how would things turn in the next season? The creator discussed that they had already mapped the stories they haven’t got time to portray in the previous season.

So, in the second run, the Chromatic Ribbon’s in-depth stories with Clancy would explore. It would focus on birth, death, and rebirth. Whether Clancy will take rebirth and explore his faith is yet to reveal. However, they would likely to focus into the deep history of some untold stories.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Cast Details

The entire cast from the previous season would reprise their roles for the next run as well. Duncan Trussell as Clancy Gilroy will return. Along with him, Phil Hendrie as Universe Simulator, Maria Bamford as Butt Demon, and Christiana P. as Bobua will return. As well as Steve Little as Captain Byrce, Joey “Coco” Diaz as Chuck Charles, and Dong Lussenhop as Daniel Hoops, Johnny Pemberton, as Cornelius and Stephen Root as Bill Taft, will join them as well.

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