March 21, 2023
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Dirty John Season 3: New Crime, New Victim! Will Involve Love, Know More

Dirty John Season 3

After binge-watching the second installment of Dirty John, fans are looking forward to more storylines. However, we have brought up all the latest updates regarding the upcoming season. Although, USA Network has to renew the show for Dirty John Season 3. But, the shooting didn’t start due to the ongoing pandemic. Let us see what the future holds for the forthcoming season.

Dirty John is a perfect crime-anthology series for the watchers. The show is based on the podcast by Christopher Goffard. The plot revolves around the romantic story turning into a manipulation. However, it involves more of denials coming under the disguise of John Meehan’s charismatic appearance. It is about a guy who manipulates many wealthy women.

The story of love usually ends on a bad and violent note. The watchers will get to discover a well planned manipulative tale. We further see who gets away from the trap and who gets delved in deeper. The show has received a balanced response from the side of the viewers. However, the next story will bring more twists and turns in the plans of John. Let us find out some of the upcoming storylines.

Dirty John Season 3

Will There Be A Third Season?

There hasn’t been any confirmation from the side of USA Networks. But the chances of happening of another season is more likely yes. However, the second installment of the show just came up this year in June. The engagement rates are reasonable to renew the coming season. Therefore, we expect Dirty John Season 3 to get the green light from the platform soon.

Dirty John Season 3

Dirty John Season 3: New Crime

Alexandra Cunningham confirmed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the upcoming plot. The show is an anthology, thereby have a new story in each season. Dirty John Season 3 will include another crime based story. Alexandra says that Betty has always been on her mind to connect the story. Therefore, there are some chances of her return, or maybe not. There hasn’t been any clearance yet. But, we expect a better and exciting future ahead.

Dirty John Season 3

Dirty John Season 3: What Will Happen?

Alexandra Cunningham also opened about the storyline of the show. She mentioned bring ing another kind of love this time. It isn’t romantic or about any couple. The story will be of family, a mother, and child love. However, the dysfunction will come somewhere from inappropriate or twisted parenting. Therefore, Season 3 will involve more of discovering part.

Dirty John Season 3

Dirty John Season 3: Release Date

The first installment of the show came in November 2018, whereas second in May 2020. If followed as per the tradition, Dirty John Season 3 might come up in 2022. For now, there has been a delay in everything. Even if it starts, things will probably begin at a slow pace. Let’s hope for the best future for the show. Till then, be updated with us.

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