February 7, 2023
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Twenties Season 3: Has BET Renewed The Series? Did Hattie Really Lose Her Job? Find Out Here

BET’s comedy-drama series Twenties, created and written by Lena Whaite, is one of a kind comedy show. In Lena’s own words, “This is the first time a masculine-of-center black woman has been the center of a show on prime-time TV.” The series has performed fairly well for the first two seasons. And as a result, the fans of the show are anticipating its return with Twenties Season 3. But when will it come? Here’s what we know about it.

What To Expect From Twenties Season 3?

The initial seasons of Bet’s comedy-drama series revolved around Hattie, and two of her best friends, as they were navigating through life in their twenties. We saw Hattie start working in the entertainment industry as a producer after she lost her job. This, in turn, brings her an opportunity to showcase her talents as a fantastic writer. Hattie received a termination letter for pressuring Nia to rehearse for a part in a series called ‘Cocoa’s Butter.’

Twenties Season 3

When the series returns with Twenties Season 3, it will continue the story after events of the second season. The third season will reveal Hattie’s job’s fate and whether she has been really fired or not. If Hattie actually loses her job as a screenwriter, things will take a drastic turn. The third season will also follow Nia and Marie and how they move forward in thier lives along with Hattie. 

Twenties Season 3 has the potential to amp up this plot and make it more entertaining for viewers. These young females experience nothing new, but they do reveal a different side of the same problems that many young women face. The upcoming season is planned to add additional drama to the plot while maintaining its authenticity.

Will There Be Twenties Season 3?

The second season of the comedy-drama series premiered on BEt from October 13, 2021, to December 15, 2021. Meanwhile, talking about Twenties Season 3, here is what we know so far: The creators of the BET network have not yet given any confirmations about its renewal for a third season. We know the second has been a performer a little better than season one in terms of viewership and rating. 

On the other hand, the series also has garnered a significant fanbase. Therefore it is likely that the network will be interested in bringing it back for the twenties Season. However, we will have to wait till the official announcement is made. But if the series is greenlit for a third season, we expect it to release around late 2022 or early 2023.

Who Will Feature In Twenties Season 3?

Twenties season 3

The star-studded cast of the Twenties features Jonica T. Gibbs in the lead role of aspiring screenwriter Hattie. Meanwhile, Sophina Brown appears as Hattie’s boss, Ida B, and Christina Elmore plays television studio executive Marie. Then there is Gabrielle Graham as Nia, and her love interest Tristan is played by Big Sean.

In addition, other cast members include Jevon McFerrin as Chuck, Rick Fox as Richard, Iman Shumpert playing Quintrell, Kym Whitley as Esther, Vanessa Williams appearing as Angela, and Nazanin Mandi as Soraya. When the series is renewed for a third installment, we can expect most of these cast members to return to reprise their roles in Twenties Season 2.

Is It Based On A Real Story?

Twenties  Season 3

The realism and relatability in the plot of BET’s Twenties have caused many fans to wonder whether the series is inspired by real events. The answer is yes; Twenties is partially based on a true story. The storyline in the comedy series is highly influenced by the creator Lena Whaite’s real-life experiences in Hollywood. The fact that Hattie is an aspiring screenwriter who is queer is based on Lena herself. 

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