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The Midnight Gospel Season 2: When Will Netflix Renew The Show? Cast And Plot Details

The Midnight Gospel Season 2


Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, brought another fancy and trippy adventure series on Netflix, The Midnight Gospel. In the nick of time, the show gained immense popularity. However, the cliffhanger finale left the fans in a daze. Now, the question arrives whether Pendleton Ward will return with The Midnight Gospel Season 2? Netflix has not announced its renewal yet. However, fans can expect The Midnight Gospel Season 2 in some time.

In the previous season, Clancy, an enthusiastic space caster, explores the extra-dimensions. While his world ended because of a psychedelic apocalypse, he entrapped in a stimulator. In his entire journey, he met different people from different dimensions, where he learned about spirituality and the in-depth meaning of life. Howbeit, the first time when you see the show, its graphics may disturb you. Well, that’s how the Pendleton Ward animation series looks like.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2 Theory: Might Explore Afterlife Concept

The previous season of The Midnight Gospel culminated in the occurrence of Clancy’s death. In the final episode, when the police officer shoots Clancy, he suddenly falls in the stimulator and enters the new world. There, he met with all his old space cast visitors who are already dead. To calm his curiosity, Clancy asked whether he’s alive or dead. However, instead of answering, they all asked him to stay there only.

Probably, The Midnight Gospel Season 2 will explain whether Clancy survived or not. Also, there’s a high chance that in the second season, he might explore his afterlife journey. How Clancy delves into another dimension and meets other visitors? Maybe this time he’ll probe the nature of existence.

Further, in an interview, when asked about season one finale, Duncan Trussell explained the upcoming details in his podcast style. He said, “So to me when it comes to the idea of beings living inside of a stimulator theory itself, what I love about it is it invites us to ask the question: Are we real? Are we alive? Is this happening? And if it is, how do we know for sure? And so that’s my ambiguous answer to your question.”

The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Cast Additions

The multi-dimensional exploration theme means numerous visitors and cast. In the previous series, Damien Echols played one of the guest characters. However, Damien’s return to this trippy world has not declared yet. Though new guests may join the new season, including Duncan Trussell and Phil Hendrie.

The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Will Netflix Renew The Show?

Netflix hasn’t announced the renewal of The Midnight Gospel Season 2 yet. However, the viewership and fans’ overwhelming love for Clancy might bring the show back on Netflix. As of now, the show’s high rating and its viewership is all that matter. Probably, the show might return with new madness and adventure. Since Trussell already created many podcasts, now the only thing that is left is animation. And the animation work is easy to do remotely. So, fans can expect the show in 2021.

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