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Preacher Season 5: Any Chance Of Jesse Custer’s Return? Upcoming Spin-Off & More Details

Preacher Season 5

The fans of The Preacher were going well with the show. However, the show had come to its end when the network declared Preacher Season 4 as the final season. But, is there any chance that the show would return with Preacher Season 5?

Well, till now, AMC has stayed mum. But, we can expect that there’s still a chance of Preacher Season 5, despite its conclusive and dramatic ending. The Preacher has created a devoted fanbase that is always looking for the next season of the show. Further, the original comic books had maintained a large following after the show. Despite ceasing its publication, it still turns out of the millennium.

Preacher, developed by Seth Rogen, Sam Catlin, and Evan Goldberg, is a comedy horror drama series on AMC. Based on Steve Dillon and Garth Ennis’ comic books of the same name, we see Jesse Custer, a chain-smoker and hardcore drinker who faces a crisis in his fate. However, later he discovers some unique powers and decided to explore them. In his quest, he tries to understand his unique gift better and also find stability with God. He continued his pursuit with his trigger-happy former girlfriend Tulip and his new vampire friend Cassidy.

Preacher Season 5: Is There Any Chance For Renewal?

Well, Preacher Season 4 had already adapted the final comic book, and it concluded everything quite dramatically. But, with the onset of war between the streaming platform and the broadcasting network, there’s still a chance that Preacher Season 5 would revive soon.

That would explain the mystery that is still left untouched. Unfortunately, it seems like Preacher Season 5 would not revive, at least in the current situation. Although the network hadn’t provided a valid reason for canceling Preacher, yet there are many factors that we can consider.

A Sudden Fall In The Ratings

According to statics, the ratings had significantly dropped over time. However, the first two seasons had gained immense popularity and also won many hearts. It also reached the one-million mark. But, the gradual decline in the rating had drowned the level of the show. Further, the fourth season ratings dropped below a half million viewers.

It was the first time in the show’s history that it had dropped its ratings like this. Well, compared to AMC’s other shows, it’s quite normal. However, corresponding with comic books’ popularity, the consistency of the show decline isn’t normal. So, the viewership then becomes the cause of the concern.

A Sudden Shift In Production House

The creators are also responsible for the show’s cancelation. Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen just before the cancelation announcement moved from Sony Television to Lionsgate. The duo signed a deal with Lionsgate Production Company. Soon the network announced that the fourth season would be the final season of the show.

It Adapted The Final Story

Although the show has skipped many story arc and hadn’t cleared many mysteries. Yet Preacher Season 4 had adapted the final story of the comic book, Alamo. As a result, there’s no story left to portray. So there’s no way for the main characters to explore anything in the Preacher Season 5.

Chances For Spin-offs Are High

However, there are chances that the show could focus on the spin-offs and explain the missing story arcs. Or there’s a possibility that it would begin with an entirely new story arc. That doesn’t involve any adaptation from comic books. So, there’s still a possibility that Preacher Season 5 would return. However, till now, nothing has been officially declared.

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