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Derry Girls Season 3: Production Delayed! When Will It Release? Future Of The Show & More

Derry Girls Season 3
Channel 4

Derry Girls Season 3: The last episodes of Derry Girls, the second season released in March 2019. Soon after this release, Derry Girls Season 3 got renewed. This was news that took all Derry Girls fans over the moon.

Written and created by Lisa McGee, the show is set in Derry, in Northern Ireland, back in the times of 1990s. The show was first released in 2018, and ever since then, it has been a hit show. Now with this good news of the show coming back, there is bad news too. The show has evidently been delayed. Why? How long will it take Derry Girls Season 3 to release? What would come next? Here are all the details

Derry Girls Season 3: Production Delayed

It looks like all Derry Girls fans will have to be a bit more patient to see new episodes of the sitcom. The series, just like any other show, has been terribly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The filming was due to start in June 2020, but it has been postponed for an unforeseen period of time.

The programmer’s director at Channel 4, Ian Katz, revealed that Derry Girls season 3 had been substantially delayed. He says that whatever they do, it is very difficult to make the show with social distancing. As it is an intimate production.  

Derry Girls Season 3

Back in June, actress Nicola Coughlan had explained that they were supposed to start filming back in the time. They made the second season in 2018, and it has been a long since they have done the filming together. Filming is on hold, and that sucks. She revealed that the whole cast is in contact and everyone is really excited to get back in action. They haven’t yet seen the scripts, but they are very excited to start the work again.

What Will Happen Next?

In an interview with, the writer and creator McGee revealed what could come next in Derry Girls Season 3. She says that the new episodes will be hopeful for the whole gang as their hometown marches to the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. In April 2019, McGee said that she is thinking about a number of storylines. She has a political back story in her mind. It is a little scary, but she will start writing things down soon.

The writer continues to say that the show will pick up in the year 95. So, it was different at the time than it is now. Many splinter organizations came out of nowhere, and that was quite strange. Then people were just adjusting to peacetime. McGee says that they had more to lose. They don’t want to get it wrong but showing it was something they all wanted. It is something everyone was afraid of, and then it was happening.

Derry Girls Season 3

McGee also added that in the third season, one of the Derry Girls might leave for a rival gang, and the story would explore how everyone tries to get these girls together and then deal with the things. On who would be the Judas of the group, the writer thinks that it might be the English fella, James. This could get very interesting as a romance is already budding there with Erin.

Would This Be The Last?

Channel 4 has not yet made any official statement about the future of the Derry Girls series. Tommy Tiernan, who plays the character of Gerry (Erin’s dad), said in March 2020 that he thinks that the third season will be the last of the show. In an interview with Jason Manford’s radio show, he said that as far as he knows that the third season will be the last of the series. However, Lisa McGee took on to Twitter to establish the truth that back in the time she was working on season three and does not know if there will be more of the show. Although, she asked fans not to worry.

Given that the production for Derry Girls is still paused, we cannot say when would the show release. We will keep an eye on all the latest updates and report them to you. So, you stay tuned. We are placing our high hopes that Derry Girls season 3 will start production in the first half of 2021 and release later the same year. What do you think can happen? Tell us in the comments below.

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