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Arthdal Chronicles Season 2: Song Joong Confirmed To Return! Know Plot Updates, Release Date, And More

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2

We have brought some good news for Korean drama lovers. Recently, there has been confirmation of the return of Song Joong-ki’s character Eun-seom in Arthdal Chronicles Season 2. The season was renewed after seeing the massive success of the first one. However, we expect the same scenario with the second installment. Let us further dive deeper into the impending fate of the characters and the story ahead.

Arthdal Chronicles is a South Korean drama series. The story of the show is written by Kim Young-Hyun whereas directed by Kim Won-Seok. The plot is set in a mythical land called Arth. The inhabitants of the city Arthdal is engaged in a power struggle. However, some also encounter love in the way. Eun-seom and Saya have a hard life in this land. He is trying his best to bring his tribe back to life. Solely, we also learn a lot about the true origin of him and his tribe. The story includes historical and fantasy elements in it.

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2

Moreover, the viewers of the show have given their mixed reviews. The new society of the series will bring a lot of trouble to some and convenient for others. Let us further dig deeper into the impending fate.

Song Joong-Ki Will Be Back!

We have brought some cast updates of Arthdal Chronicles Season 2. Song Joong-Ki has been confirmed to return back to the series. However, the fate of the character is still floating in the air. Eun-seom is still in the middle, as to whether the feelings of his will save him or let him die. However, the narrator says, “The return of the dead is the desire of the living. He sees through it and led Tae Apdok to death.” The entire tribe of his has, therefore, come to turmoil because of him. We will see him becoming the most powerful enemy.

We will also see the return of Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ji-won, and Kim Ok-Vin.

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2: Upcoming Storyline

There hasn’t been any revelation of the upcoming storyline. But, we do know that the makers will keep bringing more intriguing and touching subjects. The clashes while living in society will perfectly be brought up on the screen.

There has been a comparison of the series with Games of Thrones. But two of them are very different from each other and can not be compared. Writer Park Sang-Yeon himself says that he can’t compare the series with GOT because their goal wasn’t to make anything similar to that.

The makers built a fictitious world full of fantasy and adventure. We expect the series to continue the journey and keep bringing more thrills ahead.

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2: Release Date

The platform hasn’t yet revealed the exact release date of the series. We have to wait to see the season coming up on the screens. However, the first season was released back in June 2019. There has been a bit of delay in the start of production work and release because of the Pandemic. But, now things are back to the normal track. Therefore, we hope things to wrap up early. Moreover, we speculate the release to be before mid-2021. Till then, stay in the link with us for more updates.

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