Letterkenny Season 10

Letterkenny Season 10: Two Seasons In Process! Know Production Status, Coming Storyline, Casts, And More

Letterkenny took a big leap from YouTube web series to become a TV series. The good news for the fans is that there will be Letterkenny Season 10. But, what newness will this tenth season bring with itself? Has the production started, or is there any delay? We have covered all the updates for you; scroll to know.

Letterkenny is a Canadian sitcom drama created by Jared Keeso. The series first came upon the web in February 2016 and has been entertaining its audience till now. The plot spins around a small rural Canadian community of the same name as the title. We see siblings Wayne and Katy of the community running a small farm and producing stand with the help of Wayne’s friend.

There is another story of Reilly and Jonesy, two best friends linked in with Katy in a polyamorous relationship. The story brings up the problems of small-town life and how people adjust to it. Wayne is often seen to be denoting himself as the toughest guy in the community. The characters of the show keep bringing fun to the story. Let us further discover how much fun Letterkenny Season 10 brings in the show.

Letterkenny Season 10: Production Status

The makers were about to start the production of season 10 by the fall of 2020. But, the same couldn’t happen because of the Pandemic. Also, there has been an impact on the show’s budget because makers need time to rebound. The filming will now resume in Spring 2021. However, as a good news, the two seasons of the show will film back to back. It means that there will be the eleventh season of the show as well. We hope things to soon be back to normal for the show to come to the screens soon.

Letterkenny Season 10

Upcoming Casts

We speculate to see all the lead faces back again. There will be Jared Keeso as Wayne, Natha Dales as Daryl, Michelle Mylett as Katy, K. Trevor Wilson as Dan, Dylan Playfair as Reilly, Andrew Herr as Jonesy, Tyler Johnston as Stewart, Lisa Codrington as Gail. Tyler Hynes returns as Dierks, Clark Backo as Rosie, Kaniehtiio Horn as Tanis, Jacob Tierney as Glen, Even Stern as Roald, Patrick McNeil as Connor, and many others.

Letterkenny Season 10: Upcoming Storyline

There has been so much chaos in the community of Letterkenny. Breastaurant has brought the competition in the business. Things have been hot around the town. We speculate the character to bring more new interest in theirs. However, people have been growing their interest in games, girl talk, and movies as well. The impending seasons will indeed bring more development of interest and adventure with it. The core nature of the characters will remain the same as before.

Letterkenny Season 10: Release Date

The tenth installment of Letterkenny is still due for filming. The production process is speculated to start in the starting or mid-2021. Therefore, the release is speculated to be before the fall of 2021. Let us hope for the scenario to be negative (in terms of coronavirus) for the makers to start filming successfully. We will further keep you updated in this space.

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