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Rick And Morty Season 5: New Look Teased More Trouble To Come, When Will It Release?

It’s been so long since we last saw the adventure of Rick and Morty. Now, fans are curiously waiting to know whether Rick And Morty Season 5 is in process. Although the creator never missed teasing about their plans for the next run. Yet, it’s unclear when they would return with the fifth chapter. But whatever happens in the next season would indeed blow your mind.

Rick And Morty focused on insane scientist Rick Sanchez and his mild-mannered grandson Morty Smith. It follows their exploit as they both travel in time. However, their adventure generally follows an infinite number of realities. At the same time, they manage to travel the inter-dimensional space and exploring the other planets and dimensions in Rick’s flying car. But, Morty’s nature helps Rick to stay grounded, despite following his evil alter-ego.

Rick And Morty Season 5: When Will Production Wrap Up?

Speaking on the fifth season, the creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland said that the fifth season would return quickly than the past seasons. Albeit the time gap between the third and fourth seasons was the longest. Still, they believed that it wouldn’t happen this time. But they have no clue how they could finish the production of the fifth season so quickly. However, Dan thinks that it won’t be that long again.

Writers Team Is Still Working

Like other television series, Rick And Morty had also suffered from the wake of the COVID-19. Initially, they planned to return soon on time. But, Harmon recently revealed that the creative team is still working on the fifth season. They have been discussing the strategies and plot of season 5. He added they have an interruption session in Zoom writers’ room. However, the writers’ team ignored the psychological parameters that could stay intact in the physical writers’ room.

But, Justin revealed that they are currently working on mapping the seventh season. Does it mean they have already finished the production of Rick And Morty Season 5? Well, both the creators haven’t disclosed any exact details about the fifth season production. But considering Justin’s words, we could expect that soon production would conclude.

New Promo Teased Some Challenging Events In Their Life

Well, it couldn’t be much better than this early teaser. The first look featured events similar to DC and Marvel and even the long-paused romance. As you can see, Morty is carrying a severely injured Rick to their ship. Before that, Rick saw some glimpses of him and his grandson in the Blade-style vampire hunters fighting with the foes. But as soon as they headed back to the earth, Jessica called Morty and asked for a date.

Though she just asked in the middle of their crash landing where either they could burn during the process. But somehow, they survived- it seems they safely landed on the ocean. Although it looks quite unfinished, it’s more like a pop-culture promo containing both humor and suspense.

Rick And Morty Season 5: Release Date

As of now, the network hasn’t provided any official release date for its next run. But, looking at the creator’s words, we could assume that Rick And Morty would return soon this year. Rick And Morty Season 5 probably air in late 2021.

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