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Dance Moms Season 9: Will Abby Lee Miller Returns After Legal Woes? Know More

Dance Moms Season 9

It seems Abby Lee Miller’s journey would reach the end on Lifetime after Dance Moms Season 8. Howbeit the eighth season was successful enough to continue with Dance Moms Season 9. But, the network decided to rethink it due to the legal woes and accusation against Abby Lee Miller. The entire dancers’ team is currently counting on Abby and the network. Will Lifetime return with Dance Moms Season 9? Let’s see!

Dance Moms is a reality show that debuted back on July 13, 2011, on Lifetime. It focuses on children’s training and careers in dance and show business. They are trained under the guidance of Abby Lee Miller, who taught them to become professional dancers. However, the show often depicts the loving teens’ mothers as rivals of each other, who often argue with Miller on behalf of their children. But, the drama lead to the success of the show.

Dance Moms Season 9: Has Network Renewed The Show?

Even though one of the children’s mothers accused Abby Lee Miller, Lifetime still ordered a spinoff called Dance Moms: Abby’s Virtual Dance Off. The show was scheduled to air in mere weeks of mid-2020. But, the network shortly canceled the spinoff before it could debut. Well, the cancelation of the show was due to the following racist remarks of Miller’s former students’ mother.

Though Abby tried to clear the air, yet she couldn’t make it. However, it affected the Dance Moms Season 9 as well. A Lifetime spokesperson teased that the network has yet to renew the show. However, it would be entirely based on the show’s ratings which have dropped than the last season. Well, it’s due to the change of the entire cast, which fans used to like a lot.

Will Abby Return One Last Time?

Abby confirmed that she wouldn’t return to Dance Moms ever again, even if the network renews the show for the ninth season. Well, the cancelation of Dance Moms: Abby’s Virtual Dance-Off could indeed mark the end of Abby’s journey in Lifetime. Before the cancelation, Abby shared a video asking for submissions and promoting the show.

She said that she’s seeking “an Abby dancer, no moms, no producers,” just Abby, and she would also be the judge of the show. Well, considering the show relies on Abby herself, the network’s decision to cancel the show in the wake of racist accusations against her doesn’t sound surprising at all.

Is Adriana Smith Still Holding The Grudges?

Miller’s last year’s protest of police brutality and racism provoked Adriana Smith to share how Miller treated them. Smith quickly responded to Miller’s post stating that Miller had commented racist remarks to both Smith and her younger daughter, Kamryn Smith. However, Miller apologized quickly, saying she “deeply regrets” and wasn’t aware of how her words harmed Smith and Kamryn. Miller continued that she hopes one day she could earn their forgiveness.

But, it seems that Adriana didn’t trust her words. In Miller’s words, Adriana responded that she didn’t accept Abby’s apology as she wasn’t sincere, and Miller even forgets to tag Adriana and her daughter. As of Adriana, she came to know about Miller’s apology through her friend.

Will Dance Moms Season 9 Ever Return?

As for Lifetime, it never responded to Adriana’s post or Miller’s accusations. It even didn’t share the decision behind the cancelation of Abby’s Virtual Dance Off. Now, only time will tell if the spinoff or the ninth season of Dance Moms could ever return after the eighth season wrapped up in September 2019.

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