Monsters At Work Season 2

Monsters At Work Season 2: Disney Hints At Its Potential Return! Know More Details

Disney Plus has kept its fans jubilant by expanding the Monsters, Inc. franchise, this time in the show’s format. However, after the first season wrapped up, fans have been keenly waiting to learn about the future of Monsters At Work Season 2. Disney Pixar has recently created shows centered on movie characters, including Loki from MCU, The Mandalorian from Star Wars universe, and more. However, for decades, movies have been using similar scenarios with the characters of Monsters, Inc.

But for the first time, it returns with its original show, Monsters At Work. It takes place after Henry J. Waternoose III gets arrested. Meanwhile, Mike and Sulley try to run the company in the middle of the company’s chaos. In the middle of this, a Monsters University graduate, Tylor, joins the company as a mechanic and dreams to work with his idols. But the transition to the laugh powder made things a bit challenging to him. So let’s see whether Tylor will return with season 2 and more challenges.

Monsters At Work Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

The final episode of the first season has just wrapped up airing yesterday. Thus it is too early to presume whether Disney could return with the next run. Moreover, despite the show is set in the same universe as the movies Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University, it earned mixed reviews. The first season garnered only 65% on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.1 on IMDb. As per the critics’ reviews, the show doesn’t capture the magic of its original film.

However, Disney has yet to release an official statement regarding the future of the show. Well, Disney will decide the fate of the series based on the viewership it received. Further, it would take a couple of months to reveal whether or not the show could return for another season. But there are a few signs that imply Disney Pixer might work on developing more episodes.

Disney Plus Might Return With Season 2

Recently, at Disney Careers, the official job portal of Disney, some job vacancies are posted that hints season 2 might return. The site started posting vacancies in April 2021 exclusively for Monsters At Work via the Disney Television Animation Department. Meanwhile, the most recent posting went live in mid-July. The job titles include Character Design Lead, Color Designer, and Storyboard Revisionist. So, we consider it as a good sign that Monster At Work Season 2 would return.

What Could Happen If It Returns?

In the prior season, Tylor, a Scare Major graduate, joins Monsters, Inc. However, he struggles to fulfill his job requirement as the company’s evolution to use the laugh powder made his talent useless. But his desire to work with his idols, Sulley and Mike, lead him to join jokester classes. Finally, in the finale, he has promoted to the Laugh Floor. Even his transition helped Monsters, Inc. prove that the laugh powder is a viable energy source.

Since it explores the epilogue of Monsters, Inc., we can expect that the second season will take the show at a whole different level. Well, Disney has already been looking for new talents who could craft a brand new story. Further, with Tylor has now promoted to the Laugh Floor, he might face some different challenges. Even his personal storyline would be explored as his friends might find it challenging to stay in touch with him. We could also expect to see how Boo’s entry would change the dynamic of Mike and Sulley.

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