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The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9: Mole In The Core Team! Who Is It? Release Date & More Details

The last season’s finale proved the Lagina brothers’ theory correct. However, some believe that there’s a mole in the core team of The Curse Of Oak Island. Will it affect further in the quest in The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9? The series follows Rick and Marty Lagina’s struggle to uncover the long-lost legendary treasure buried somewhere in Oak Island. Finally, the team is close to discovering the valuable clues that can lead them to centuries-old treasure. But can they reach there this time? Let’s see!

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9: Will It Ever Happen?

It’s been almost five months since the eighth season wrapped up airing. However, History TV hasn’t yet announced the fate of the show. The series has been the most popular reality TV show on the channel. Thus, chances of its return are pretty much high. Further, they finally had great discoveries in the previous season’s finale that might lead them to the treasure this season. Thus deeming that the last season got renewed a couple of months before its premiere, we expect the same for season 9.

Who Could Be In The The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9?

At the end of the eighth season, experts committed to returning to uncover the mystery behind the Nova Scotian Island. Thus plenty of familiar faces will likely return. Lagina brothers Rick and Marty will return for the next chapter. Marty’s son Alex Lagina, Dave Blankenship, and Craig Tester will also return. In addition, other prominent experts such as metal detector specialist Gary Drayton and wetland geologist Dr. Ian Spooner could also return.

Steve Guptil, Laird Niven, Terry Matheson, and Billy Gerhardt will also return. Doug Crowell will return with Paul Troutman and William Castedo. Further, there are slight chances that Rick and Marty’s nephews David and Peter Fornetti could also return. Charles Barkhouse, alongside Dr. Chista Brosseau, could also return. Further, Carmen Legge, Danny Smith, and Mike Jardine will come back as well.

What Will Happen In The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9?

Throughout the show, the main aim of the Lagina brothers and their team is to find out the archeological evidence regarding the hidden treasure in the Oak Island swamp. However, the nature of success varies from season to season. But finally, at the end of the last season, the team discovers a possible stone road. As per Archeologist Dr. Aaron Taylor, the road could have been used to carry money from the ashore ship to the Money Pit.

Further, after the water analysis, Dr. Ian revealed that there’s likely a massive amount of silver buried in the same path. Thus Lagina brothers’ theory that treasure is somewhere near the Money Pit seems to make more sense. Moreover, in a previous interview, Gary hinted that the last season was the most fruitful season ever. So now they all are looking into the clues to connect the dots to unearth the mystery in What Will Happen In The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9? .

Is Charles Barkhouse The Mole?

The team believed that perhaps Templars/Masons knew where the treasure was, and Charles has been the core team member of Masons. Further, Charles has a vast knowledge of the history of Oak Island as well as the lore around the treasure. However, a fan pointed despite having such knowledge, and he never came up with an explanation regarding any theory related to Money Pit.

It seems he knows a lot but messing up with the Lagina brothers. But there’s no such concrete evidence against Charles. On the other hand, another fan highlighted that “Masons are independent and jurisdictional,” so it’s impractical to know the treasure’s location. Moreover, there isn’t any hard evidence that suggests where they hid the treasure hundreds of years ago.

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