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The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Renewed? Clancy To Interview More Beings From Different Multiverse

The Midnight Gospel Season 2: If you a fan of dark humor and comedy setup around unusual settings, you should definitely check out The Midnight Gospel on Netflix. The show follows a quirky space-caster named Clancy from another dimension. Clancy sets on a jangly journey to interview extraterrestrial beings for his space-cast program called The Midnight Gospel. The show maintains its silly sense of humor amidst chaotic scenarios. The series has been created by Adventure Time’s maker Pendleton Ward. 

The audience, for its hilarity, has absolutely loved the show. At the same time, the critics praised the animated series for its intriguing setting, crazy feel, fascinating characters, and vibrant animation. Meanwhile, many have compared The Midnight Gospel to masterpieces like Rick and Morty. However, these are entirely different shows with different dynamics.

Fans have also been waiting for the second season of The Midnight Gospel for quite some time. Although, neither the show-runners nor the streaming giant has come up with any details about the second installment. But, will there be The Midnight Gospel Season 2? Let us find out-

Will There Be A Second Run?

The first season of The Midnight Gospel premiered on Netflix on April 20, 2021. It featured a total of ten episodes that ended on a massive cliffhanger. Thus, it is safe to assume that further seasons of the show are in the minds of the showrunners. The Network has also extended its deal with Titmouse animation studio. 

There has been no official announcement for The Midnight Gospel for the creators. However, looking at the show’s popularity and critical acclaim, it seems pretty likely that The Midnight Gospel will get a renewal. Netflix generally takes a year to release the next season of shows. But, unfortunately, the production of many shows has been delayed by the ongoing pandemic. Hence, we expect the second season to be late than usual. 

The Midnight Gospel Season 2: Upcoming Plot And Storyline

The debut season of The Midnight Gospel revolved around Clancy and his adventures while interviewing different beings for his space cast program. He assumed different identities and explored multiple dimensions in the process. Clancy’s casual nature results in the Universe simulator’s breakdown causing an apocalypse in the multiverse. The first season ended with Clancy and Charlotte getting trapped in the simulator, and it blasted. In the final moments, we see Clancy on a train with everyone he has met. 

So, when The Midnight Gospel Season 2 returns, fans can expect it to be even crazier than the first. In the upcoming season, the viewers may find Clancy in some other plane of existence. He may try to make amends for his mistakes. Furthermore, it is likely that Clancy will interview more creatures while learning about life. 

Who’ll Return To Voice-Over The Midnight Gospel Season 2?

Showrunner Duncan Trussell is sure to return to voice the lead character of Clancy. Dr. Drew Pinsky is also likely to return for voicing the crazy gunslinging president. In addition, other voice cast members expected to return are Damien Echols as a hippo, Trudy Goodman as a warrior, and Caitlin Doughty as the grim reaper. Furthermore, comedians Joey Diaz, Natasha Leggero, Christina Pazsitzky, Johnny Pemberton, and Phil Hendrie would also return. Moreover, the voice cast roster of Season 2 might also include some new voice actors.

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