March 31, 2023
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Grantchester Season 7: When Will The Show Release? What’s Next For Davenport & Keating?

grandchester Season 7

Grantchester Season 7 is about to return soon. And fans are super excited about it. The series has built a massive fan base throughout its six seasons and is about to have a blast with the upcoming one. Grantchester also impressed the critics for its suspenseful storyline as it managed to provide a fresh take on detective drama series. So now Grantchester Season 7 is approaching, and the viewers are excited for Reverend’s new adventures with the detective.

The show is a British crime-mystery drama series that first premiered on ITV in 2014. Grantchester is based on James Runcie’s short stories titled The Grantchester Mysteries. It revolves around Reverend Sidney Chambers in the town of Grantchester. Reverend Chambers develops a taste for solving crime and starts lending his hand to Inspector Geordie.

The Reverend and the detective, who is overworking, form an unlikely work bond. From season 4 onwards, Reverend Davenport replaced Chambers in his duties as Reverend and that of a ‘detective’. Daisy Coulam creates the Detective drama series Grantchester for ITV. Later on, PBS picked up the show for American viewers.

What Will Happen In The Next Season?

After Leonard’s name appeared in a controversy in the previous season, Davenport is torn between his career and his ideals when Leonard got involved in a controversy. Following the incident, Keating found himself in a moral dilemma. As crime in their community surged, the two became entangled in local politics. Now, they must rely on their intelligence to handle the complicated scenarios. Keating was suspected of the murder of a music producer in the season finale, but Davenport saved him.

Grandchester Season 7

Now, Grantchester Season 7 will be set in the summer of 1959. Davenport will likely carry on with his sacred duties in the church. While also tying the couples into the union of marriage. In addition, Keating will keep on investigating the crimes in other parts of the city. However, with the new decade just around the corner, the duo will have to adapt to the changing times. In the following season, they both will have to make some hard decisions.

Grantchester Season 7: Release Date

Season six of Grantchester premiered on ITV in September 2021. However, in the United States, the show was released on PBS in October and included a total of eight episodes. Given the immense popularity of the series, ITV officially announced the show’s renewal of Grantchester Season 7 on July 28, 2021.

Tom Brittny shared a post on his Instagram handle, confirming that season 7 has begun production. Brittny stated in his post that directing an episode of the series is one the best experiences of his life. Brittney has directed the third episode of Grantchester Season 7. With already five months since the production began, it is expected to finish by the end of this year. Given that, if everything goes swiftly, fans might expect Grantchester Season 7 to release around the spring of 2022.  

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