February 2, 2023
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Dirty John Season 3: When Will The Anthology Series Return? Will Be Based On Love Gone Wrong Theme!

Dirty John Season 3

Dirty John has been a successful ride for the USA Network for the first two seasons. The show aired its second season from May to July 2020. Although it has been quite some time since the second season aired, fans are still eager for Dirty John Season 3. If you are one of these fans who are counting days for the third season, this is your place to be. Here’s is everything we know about Dirty Jhon Season 3.

Dirty John is an American crime drama series that debuted on the USA network in November 2018. The true crime anthology series is based on Christopher Goffard’s podcast of the same name. It follows the deadly aftermaths of how love stories gone wrong can lead to grave and deadly outcomes.

The first season of the show follows the titular manipulative con artist John Meehan and his immensely successful wife, Debra. Dirty John features how some expected turn of events led to John’s death. On the other hand, the second season focuses on the turbulent divorce of Betty and Dan Brodrick.

The crime anthology series created by Alexandra Cunningham has received quite some positive responses from critics for its first two seasons. On the other hand, the series has managed to garner a large and dedicated fanbase. The show also got appreciation from the audience for its fascinating plotlines, compelling characters, and brilliant performance by the actors. And fans are still asking if there will be Dirty John Season 3 or not.

Dirty John Season 3: Is It Renewed?

Dirty John Season 3

The second season of Dirty John premiered on the USA Network from May 31 to July 14, 2020. Sometime after the television release, both seasons of the series were also made available on the streaming platform Netflix. Now, talking about Dirty John Season 3, the series was initially planned for two seasons. However, viewers know that given the success of the first seasons, there is a very high chance that the series might return for a third season.

However, there has been no official announcement regarding either renewal or cancelation of the series yet. But the show creator Alexandra Cunningham stated during a conversation in 2020, “We’re going to be having a conversation very soon.” Given the high viewership numbers on Netflix, even if the USA network does not go ahead with the renewal, we are positive that Netflix will.”

What Happened In Dirty John?

The first season of the series introduced us to John Meehan, an enigmatic scam artist with a charming personality that he uses to manipulate women for his goals. Viewers saw John seducing, scamming, along with his wife, Debra. Her daughters, who did not like what he does, manage to convince his wife Debra to realize the truth and leave his side. 

Dirty John Season 3

Meanwhile, the second season of the series was titled ‘Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story.’ It chronicles the practices and tribulations of another character named Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Broadrick. In the second season, viewers saw how several years of infidelity, cheating, lying, humiliations, and divorce can lead to some unexpected and shocking situations. Not being able to see her children for years push her on the edge as she killed her ex-husband and his lover while they were in bed. 

What To Expect From Dirty John Season 3?

When the series returns for Dirty John Season 3, it might keep up with the pattern of love, betrayal, and crime in another story. There is a chance that showrunner Alexandra Cunningham would choose a real-life incident for the next season of the show. During her interviews, she has even hinted that the third season will be very different from the first two seasons.

Although, there has been no official confirmation as to what will be the plot of the third season. But the overall story of the next season might feature the love gone wrong theme, just like seasons one and two. The first two seasons focus on manipulative and unfaithful relationships that often end in ruins, as they did for John Meehan. So, there are ample directions in which the writers can head going into Dirty John Season 3. Also, there are some reports claiming that the upcoming season of the show will follow a court case.

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