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Dollface Season 3: What’s Next For Jules & The Gang? Renewed Already?

Dollface Season 2

If you are looking for a show that gives the feeling of a warm hug from a friend, Dollface might be it. The second season of the comedy-drama series premiered on Hulu earlier this month. But fans have already binged the second run, and they are now waiting for the series to return with Dollface Season 3. So, will Kate Dennings return once again? What are the chances? Let us find that out below-

What To Expect From Dollface Season 3?

At the end of the second season, viewers saw Jules giving her resignation to Celeste, and surprisingly, she was happy for her. However, when Jules found out the job she was hoping to join was not anymore available, she got frantic to “un-quit” her old job. Regardless, she was having her doubts about backing out from her plan and moving on in her professional life. On the other hand, things had started to look better for Jules and Fender.

Dollface Season 2

Meanwhile, due to the business venture between Ruby and Stella, things got complicated between them ever after their conversation. Elsewhere, Izzy and Liam sort things out. Moreover, it appears that Izzy may become a support system in Celeste’s Life. The second season ended with the girls celebrating Madison’s birthday.

Now, if the show returns for Dollface Season 3, viewers might see how things turn out for Jules in her personal and professional life. Last fans saw her, she was in limbo given her job situation. On the other hand, Ruby and Stella decided that they do not want a relationship anymore. So, it will be interesting to see how they manage their business. As far as Izzy is concerned, life appears to be taking thrilling turns for her. 

When Will Dollface Season 3 Release?

The entire second season of Dollface premiered on Hulu on February 11, 2022. Now, as far as Dollface Season 3 is concerned, neither the streaming network nor the creators have made any announcement regarding the third installment of the series yet. However, given the popularity of the series, fans should be more than hopeful that the series will be recommissioned for another installment.

Dollface gathered millions of viewers with its star-studded cast and humorous plot. As of now, there is no confirmation about the release date or production of Dollface Season 3. But be assured, TechRadar247 will inform its readers whenever there is any update about it.

Dollface Season 2

Talking about the series, cast member Brenda Song stated, “I love how every character is so different and very specific that I feel like anybody watching can find a little bit of themselves in one of these characters.” She also added, “I have definitely been in the same position as Jules. I have done that faux pas, but I’ve also been on the other side.”

On the other hand, Kat Dennings has also added, “I think men and women will relate to this, very strongly…People will see themselves in the characters, whether you’ve been a Jules, or you’ve been a Stella or Madison, watching one of your best friends do this.”

Cast Roaster For Dollface Season 3

Dollface Season 2

Prominent cast members of the series include Kat Dennings as Jules Wiley, Brenda Song as Madison Maxwell, Shay Mitchell as Stella Cole, and Esther Povitsky as Izzy Levine. Moreover, in the series, Beth Grant plays Cat Lady, Connor Hines is seen as Jeremy, and Malin Åkerman plays Celeste. 

The cast also includes Jayson Blair as Liam, Corinne Foxx portraying Ruby, Luke Cook as Fender, and Lilly Singh appearing as Liv in the second season. And if the series returns for Dollface Season 3, most of the main cast members will reprise their respective roles.

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