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Business Proposal Episode 3 Sneak Peek: Budding Romance In Ha-ri And Tae-Mu’s Life! Know Release Date

Business Proposal Episode 3

Business Proposal Episode 3 is edging closer to land on your screens. Well, so far, fans know that Ha-ri and Tae-Mu met on a blind date. However, it looks like things will change after Ha-ri signs this new contract which offers her a huge lump sum of money. Will she take this offer? It looks like, though. Further, Tae-Mu finds himself in a dramatic situation and will turn to Ha-ri for her help. Will she help him? Let’s see!

Business Proposal Episode 3 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

Business Proposal Episode 3 will continue from where it left off. It will pick up with Tae-Mu struggling to get even with his grandfather’s demand. Well, his grandfather asked him to go on a blind date for marriage. So far we know, he has budding feelings for Ha-ri, who continues to neglect it. But it seems like it would end soon. As per the synopsis, both Tae-Mu and Ha-ri will meet each other for a contract reading. So it is possible that he will offer Ha-ri to help him.

Further, as we know, she is dealing with financial issues. So it will come up as a lucrative offer for her. Hence in the upcoming episode, she will sign a deal with Tae-Mu, which offers her a handsome amount of money just to become his girlfriend. Business Proposal Episode 3 will also bring them together, and perhaps Ha-ri could feel some budding feelings for him too. Whatever the case, it will ultimately help them in staying together.

Love In The Air

Howbeit everything started as a deal, things will eventually change in their life. Ha-ri will visit Tae-Mu’s grandfather, and the two will enjoy their time together. Well, Tae-Mu has grown a liking to Ha-ri, so he will try to be as closer to her as possible. After spending their time with his grandfather, the two will also share some delightful moments. They will end up attending a concert together. It might bring them together, and fans could see a blossoming romance between them in Business Proposal Episode 3.

A Quick Recap!

In Business Proposal Episode 2, Ha-ri seeks numerous reasons for not accepting Tae-Mu’s marriage proposal. However, she later unleashed her anger on her work and hoped that she shouldn’t cross paths with Tae-Mu, who’s now the company’s new president. On the other hand, Youn-Seo walked into Tae-Mu’s secretary and accidentally reveals her true identity. But she tried her best not to expose her relationship with Ha-ri and investigate the Tae-Mu. This is because Ha-ri hired her as a proxy. But it didn’t happen.

Tae-Mu later learned that Young-Seo and Ha-ri are good friends. So without wasting a second, he asked Young-Seo to arrange his meeting with the fake Young-Seo. Meanwhile, a business deal with his grandfather also came to the surface where he had to show his girlfriend. However, he told him that he had gone on blind dates, but his grandfather didn’t believe his words and asked to bring that girl home.

Business Proposal Episode 3: When Will It Return?

Business Proposal Episode 3 will soon land on SBS. It will air on Monday, March 7, 2022, at 10 pm KST only on SBS. All-new episodes air every Monday and Tuesday. Further, fans can also catch Business Proposal on Netflix with English subtitles. Further, you can watch the show on-demand on VOD platforms. So stay tuned and don’t miss it.

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