Framed A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2

Framed A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2: Canceled? Will The Show Return On Netflix?

The first season of the Italian comedy series Framed A Sicilian Murder Mystery, originally titled Incastrati, was released on Netflix in January 2022. The series created by Salvatore Ficarra and Valentino Picone has managed to impress the audience in very little time. And fans of the show are already waiting for Framed A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2. So, let’s discuss what’s next for the fans of the show-

Framed A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

In the first season, we saw Salvo and Valentino helping the police in arresting the mafia leader, Holy Father, by doing an undercover operation. At the end of the first season, the original murder was still not solved. Meanwhile, we also learned the real identity of the Holy Father, Aka Mr. Martorana. Agata followed Tonino to Matorana’s hideaway, but he managed to escape with Tonino. In the end, Salvo and Valentino are confronted at gunpoint by Tonio. 

Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery  Season 2

When the series returns with Framed A Sicilian Mystery Season 2, it will answer the most burning question of whether Tonio Kills Salvo and Valentino or spare their lives. In the second season, Tonio may find himself fulling his ambition of climbing all the way up as mafia leader. Now that Holy Father’s empire has come crumbling down to the floor. If Salvo and Valentino are not killed by Tonio, they may have whole new misadventures in Framed A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2. After her nice gesture, the second season may also explore Valentino’s love for Agata. Meanwhile, with Salvo still having loved his wife, the relationship between him Ester might head in a different direction. 

When Will The Second Season Arrive?

After its initial release in the home country of Italy, on January 1, 2022. Framed A Sicillian Murder Mystery debuted on Netflix on January 27, 2022. Now, talking about Framed A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2, there hasn’t been any announcement yet about the renewal or the cancelation of the series. 

Framed A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2

However, since the first season ended on an inconclusive note, there is a chance that Netflix will greenlight the series for another season. But before that happens, Netflix might take a few months to assess how the show has been performing on the streaming service. And as far as we know, it is doing quite well in terms of viewership. So, the second season of Framed A Sicilian Murder Mystery might happen very soon. When? You ask! At this point, we know as much about it as you.

Who Will be In The Cast Of The Second Season?

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The mast cast of Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery features Salvatore Ficarra as Salvo and Valentino Picone playing Valentino. Meanwhile, Anna Favella appears as Ester. Tony Sperandeo as Tonino. Marianna Di Martino plays Agata. And Sergio Friscia can be seen as Sergione in the series. 

The cast also includes Filippo Luna as Lo Russo. Mary Cipolla as Mamma Antonietta. Alessandro Agnello plays the Holy Father while Sasà Salvaggio essays Alberto Gambinohe. If the series is renewed for Framed A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2, most of the main cast members will come back to reprise their roles.

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