The Challenge: All Stars Season 3

The Challenge: All Stars Season 3: Cast List Out! Wrap Up Production And More Details!

While the second season of The Challenge: All Stars has just wrapped up airing on the network, fans are already curious to know about The Challenge: All Stars Season 3. The series is the spinoff of MTV’s hit show The Challenge. It came to light when Mark Long asked the series fans whether they wanted a reboot of the series starring “old-school” fan-favorite cast members. Later, he pitched the plan to The Challenge producers. Shortly after, Parmount+ picked the show for The Challenge: All Stars.

The first season of The Challenge: All Stars was a huge success as fans loved to see their favorite cast members again back to screen. Further, it gave veterans some time to get a break from their normal home life. Many had children while others either were in a relationship or married. Fans were also impressed with Jonna Mannion and her sporting spirit to continue with the show. This was despite having a baby merely a few months before the show started.

The Challenge: All Stars Season 3: Has Production Started Yet?

The Challenge: All Stars Season 3 had started filming way before the second season could air in November 2021. As per the news, the third season takes place in Panama, and viewers can expect some familiar faces in the third round. Filming started way before the third season was renewed back in 2021. But it remains unclear whether it has been wrapped up filming or not. However, deeming the amount of time it takes to wrap up production, viewers can expect that production for the third season could have wrapped up by now.

The Challenge: All Stars Season 3: Who Will Return?

As per the news, the old cast members will return for The Challenge: All Stars Season 3. According to the rumors, there are 24 contestants, and out of them, 16 have won one or another season. So, the show will bring the former champion Johnny Bananas back. However, Nova Rogue revealed that Johnny might have left the season at the last minute of the third run. Recently, Johnny opened up that someone from the show doesn’t like him. The person is none other than Yes Duffy. There are rumors that Duffy told Wes the reason behind this animosity.

Moving on to the cast list- other cast members include Cynthia Roberts, Jonna Mannion, Kendal Sheppard, and Roni Martin. Veronica Portillo will also return with Brad Fiorenza, Darrell Taylor, Derrick Kosinski, and Jordan Wiseley. Mark Long, MJ Garrett, Nehemiah Clark, Syrus Yarbrough, Tyler Duckworth, Wes Bergmann, and Yes Duffy will also return.

Beth Stolarczyk Returns As A Replacement

There are rumors that Beth will return with the show’s replacement in The Challenge: All Stars Season 3. Further, there is a buzz around Beth and Tina will compete in the upcoming season. The face-off will appear after fifteen years when Tina last punched Beth in her face. Well, it isn’t over yet. There are plenty of scenes when the two never wasted any time clash. So, get ready to see some heated conversation between them. Apart from her, Jemmye Carroll, Kellyanne Judd, Kailah Casillas, and Melinda Stolp will also return. Sylvia Elsrode, Nia Moore, Laterrian Wallace, and Tina Barta will return as well.

The Challenge: All Stars Season 3: When Will It Return?

As of now, MTV has yet to announce the official release date of the third season. But considering that the filming took place in November 2021 and continued till early 2022, we can expect that soon the series will return for the next run. The Challenge: Al Stars Season 3 will return sometime in early Spring 2022. So, stay tuned with us to know more.

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