March 31, 2023
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Making Fun Season 2: When Will The Show Return? New Inventions & Toys Coming Up

The first season of Netflix kids’ reality series, Making Fun, landed on the streaming platform on March 4. The unscripted series created by Jimmy DiResta features him and four of his friends trying to create awesome and innovative kids’ toys with their wild creativity and several years of experience in carpentry. Ever since the premiere of the first season, fans (especially young parents) have been hoping for the show to return with Making Fun Season 2. So, will it happen? Let us find that out here-

Will There Be ‘Making Fun’ Season 2?

Netflix’s Making fun is a reality series developed for kids. The show entertains kids by combining the elements of art, craft, architecture and making something really fun for kids. Making Fun also aims are developing kids’ creativity and serve entertainment for them side by side. It is loved by kids as it brings to life the stuff of their wildest imaginations. Not just kids, sometimes adults also like to rekindle the child inside them and enjoy Jimmy’s uniques creations.

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With regards to Making Fun Season 2, the reality series will stick to the fun-loving format that made it a hit with children for the first season. The second season will feature specialist designer and creator Jimmy DiResta, taking kids’ input and trying to create toys and gimmicks for them. So, we can expect a whole lot of inventions and creations for Jimmy and his team in the next season.

Making Fun Season 2: Release Date

Making Fun Season 2

The streaming giant released the entire first season of Making Fun on March 4, 2022. And as you know, since it hasn’t been long since the show’s debut. So, it is still very early for anything to be said about Making Fun Season 2. Netflix has almost conquered the streaming game like no other platform for the past several years. But now, the streaming service is aiming at diversifying the variety of content it has to offer. 

Netflix has been focusing on several reality shows. In that case, kids’ entertainment seems like a feather that Netflix would want to add to its hat. After all, there is immense scope in kids’ entertainment (if you don’t believe us go check Baby shark’s views on YouTube.) That all being said, there is a chance that the kids’ reality series might get renewed for Making Fun Season 2. But we will have to wait for an official announcement for clarity.

Who Will Feature In Making Fun Season 2?

Making Fun Season 2

Netflix’s kid’s reality series features Jimmy DiResta. He is a skilled innovator, artist, creator, and video producer. Previously we have also seen Jimmt in several shows like ‘Trash to Cash,’ ‘Hammered with John & Jimmy DiResta,’ and ‘Dirty Money.’  

In addition to DiResta, the show features Jimmy’s four buddies, who are Paul Jackman, Patrick Laperrière, AKA Pat Lap, John Graziano, and Derek Forestier. If the show gets renewed for Making Fun Season 2, we expect all five of these fun geniuses to return with more amusing creations for kids as per their requests.

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