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For All Mankind Season 3: Apple Reveals The Release Date And A New Teaser! Know What’s Next

Apple Tv+’s space-adventure saga set in the alternate history called For All Mankind surely made heads turn when it debuted in 2019. However, the second season was even better, with Rolling Stone calling it “The best show of 2021”. Fans have been impatiently waiting for the release of For All Mankind Season 3 ever since the second season ended. And recently, the streaming service released a teaser for the third season while also informing us about its release date. So, here’s what we know about the third season so far.

For All Mankind Season 3: Trailer Out!

As we move closer to the release of For All Mankind Season 3, Apple Tv+ has dropped a 30 seconds teaser for the upcoming season to build further anticipation. The clip is about 30 seconds long. The clip begins with a couple of wide spectacles. And a voice in the background says, “When United Behind A Common Goal, There Is Nothing We Can Not Achieve”.

Then, the clip reveals that the next season will take place in 1995 on Mars, which was previously hinted at the end of the second season. The teaser perfectly intrigues the curiosity of the fans by giving anything away about the narrative of the upcoming season. It did not reveal any additional narrative or character information. But it does tell that For All Mankind Season 3 is set to release soon.

What To Expect From For All Mankind Season 3?

The second season of the series was set against the backdrop of the Soviet-American cold war that had escalated to the point of no return in 1983. Nasa was trying to maintain the status quo via collective efforts. Towards the end of the second season, the space race between the two superpowers was put on hold as USSR and USA signed a peace accord. However, peace doesn’t come without a price, as Tracy and Gordo had to sacrifice themselves to stop the threat of a nuclear meltdown on the moon after the Soviets attacked the Jamestown base.

 For All Mankind Season 3

Meanwhile, weapon enhanced shuttles, the Buran and Pathfinder came dangerously close to each, barely avoiding a clash in the final moments. Meanwhile, The Apollo-Soyuz mission is achieved. However, Sergei devises a scheme to coax Margo Madison. At the end of the second season, viewers see the Red planet Mars as the story jumps to 1994.

Now, when the series returns with For All Mankind Season 3, we will likely see Ed trying to find solutions for his filial problems. While also coping with the sorrow of Gordo and Tracy’s death. As she is now the mission commander of the Apollo-Soyuz program, Danielle Poole will probably take a more center stage in the third season. With the two powers signing a peace treaty in the last season, the cold war might be out of focus in the next season. 

When Is The Third Season Coming?

For All Mankind Season 3

The second season of the alternate history space drama series debuted on Apple Tv + on February 19, 2021. And the season came to an end with the season finale airing on April 29, 2021. Meanwhile, realizing the potential of the series, Apple Tv greenlit the show with For All Mankind Season 3 even before the second season made its way onto our screens. 

This is not surprising given that the series has garnered a considerably large fanbase in such a short period of time with its captivating storytelling. As per the reports, the early bits of production for the third season began in February 2021. Now, the streaming service has shared the official premiere date for the third season. For All Mankind Season 3 will release on Apple Tv+ on June 10, 2022.

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