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When Is Cheer Season 3: Coming To Netflix? What Will Happen Next? Find Out Here

Netflix’s sports cheerleading documentary series Cheer, created by Greg Whiteley, premiered its second season earlier this year. The second season of the show followed the aftermath of Jerry Harris’s arrest and the rival preparing for the Cheerleading championship. Due to its gripping depiction of the Cheerleading world, fans are already excited for Cheer Season 3. So, here’s what we know about it.

When is Cheer Season 3 Coming?

Cheer' Season 3

After about two years since the release of the first season, Cheer Season 2 premiered on Netflix on January 12, 2022. Now, talking about the potential return of Cheer Season 3. It has been about three months since the premiere of the second season, and we still await the official announcement for Cheer Season 3. However, according to reports, the third season might already be in the works, as the creator Greg Whitely has been filming at Navarro College for several years. 

On top of that, the first two seasons have performed brilliantly on the streaming platform. Thus, the return of the series for Cheer Season 3 is very much likely in the cards. However, the information about the release schedule of the third installment will only be confirmed after an official announcement.

What Will Happen In Cheer Season 3?

The second season of Cheer season 2 followed the preparations of Navarro and TVCC for the upcoming NCA & NDA College Cheer and Dance Championship in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jerry Harris’s arrest in 2020 in the child pornography scandal. When the series returns with Cheer Season 3, the age-old rivalry will likely be in focus. The season will also delve into the aftermath of the former cheerleader’s legal suit. 

Cheer' Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Updates

Because several of the cheerleaders have graduated, there will be some cast revisions once more. Coaches Monica from Navarro and Vontae Johnson from TVCC are expected to return as they renew their professional rivalry. Any new cast members’ backstories will be profiled in the season.

Gillian Rupert, played by Navarro, is also expected to return. She’ll most certainly return with a vengeance, as she blamed herself for their loss last year. Jada Wooten, who has already graduated from the TVCC, will sadly not be returning. However, she is still cheering at another Texas university. Season three of Cheer will not be renewed until an official announcement is made. They can binge-watch the first two seasons in the meanwhile.

Monica’s Daughter Cheered At Navarro!

Cheer Season 3

Navarro College is a junior college, which implies it serves as a bridge between high school and higher colleges. Students can earn an associate’s degree or pursue their studies by graduating and enrolling in a four-year university. Monica’s daughter Ally wanted to cheer at Navarro because the school is known for its cheer program.

Ally cheered at Navarro in 2018 before continuing her schooling at SMU, according to her Instagram. While Cheer’s first two seasons were pioneering, a spinoff about Monica’s daughter’s life in Cheer would be equally compelling. She got engaged to her high school boyfriend on the field, where she cheers, and he played in December 2020.

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