March 22, 2023
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Young Justice Season 5: Renewed? Finale Left The Door Open For Potential Season 5

Young Justice Season 5

Now that the fourth season of Young Justice has ended, fans want to know whether the series is renewed for Young Justice Season 5. However, it looks like they have to wait a little longer. Well, the finale left everyone on edge, and the fate of Superboy remained up in the air. The fourth season picked up exactly from where the third season wrapped up. Everyone was preparing for the impending wedding of Superboy and Miss Martian. But soon, things changed after it.

Originally, Young Justice was developed for Cartoon Network. But unfortunately, it got canceled after two seasons. However, the DC Universe streaming service picked up the show, and later, HBO Max picked Young Justice for season 4 after DC Universe shunned the series. The story focused on the young teen who had grown up and reunited in the fourth season’s finale. They worked hard to prevent an invasion of Earth. But the future of the planet remained up in the air.

Young Justice Season 5: Is It Renewed Yet?

As of now, it remains unclear whether Young Justice will return with the fifth season. However, the showrunners Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman have plenty of ideas for the upcoming seasons. Further, the fourth season ended on a cliffhanger note leaving multiple storylines open to explore in Young Justice Season 5. Despite this, Weissman warned the audience that the future of Young Justice seemed insecure. He asked his followers via Twitter when they might expect to see the fifth season. But will they ever get season 5?

Young Justice Season 5

Young Justice Season 5: Finale Drops Hint At What Will Happen Next?

The fourth season finale hints at the conflict in space that will play a huge part in Young Justice Season 5. In the finale, Vandal Savage captured all the Kryptonians and trapped them in his Warworld base. However, Savage handed one prisoner to Darkseid. This prisoner was none other than Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El. The mid-scene also revealed the fate of Mary Marvel, which was in limbo.

Both teenage girls joined Granny Goodness’ elite Furies squad in order to protect the Earth from invasion. Meanwhile, the new Emerald Express, Ursa Zod, fled to the planet Daxam so she could give birth to her son. Now in the upcoming season, we expect these storylines to play a huge part.

Young Justice Season 5

Young Justice Season 5: Who Could Be In The Cast?

We can expect the original cast members to return for the fifth season. These include Jesse McCartney as Dick Grayson aka Robin, Khary Payton a Kaldur’ahm aka Aqualad. Jason Spisak as Wally West aka Kid Flash will join Nolan North as Superboy and Danica McKellar as M’gann M’orzz as Miss Martian. Stephanie Lemelin as Artemis Crock aka Green Arrow, will also return.

Young Justice Season 5

Young Justice Season 5: Release Date

Well, the show takes at least two years to finish the production work. If the fifth season undergoes production early this spring, it will still wrap up its production sometime in 2024. So considering this, we can expect Young Justice Season 5 to air in the fall of 2024. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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