March 22, 2023
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Burden of Truth Season 5: Will The Show Return For Another Season? What’s Next?

Burden of Truth

CBC’s Burden of Truth is gripping drama series created by Brad Simpson. The series that debuted in 2018 revolves around the life of a corporate lawyer Joanna Henley, as she comes back to her hometown after many years. Ever since the fourth season concluded its premiere, all fans could think about is the potential Burden of Truth Season 5. But is it really coming? Let’s find out. 

Will There Be Burden Of Truth Season 5?

Burden of Truth: Cancelled or Just Ending? No Season Five for CBC and CW  Series - canceled + renewed TV shows - TV Series Finale

The fourth season of Burden Of Truth premiered on The CW on July 30, 2021, and the season came to an end with the finale dropping on September 17, 2021. As far as Burden of Truth Season 5 is concerned, unfortunately, we do not have good news for the fans. In March 2021, even before the premiere of the fourth season in the USA, the home network CBC confirmed that season 4 will be the last ride of the show. Therefore, we can confirm that Burden Of Truth Season 5 is not coming.

What Is The Plot Of The Show?

The Burden Of Truth follows the Corporate lawyer Joanna Henley’s life as she returns to her hometown in Millwtoba. She has returned to denote an enormous pharmaceutical enterprise among five girls who always embarrass her and make her life difficult. Joanna Hanley is pushed to move back home when high school girls begin developing enigmatic sickness. There, she puts a lot of effort into persuading the populace that she had nothing to do with her family’s hasty departure when she was a teenager.

Is Burden of Truth Season 5 happening? Is Season 4 the end?

However, soon she found herself in the middle of a world moved by activists, political uprisings, and hackers. In the town, Joanna gets targetting, and someone is trying to change everything. Along with fighting the lawsuit, Joanna discovers herself in the heart of a community where the unemployment rate is rising. Joana’s legal practice was ultimately barred for a full year. But despite all of the difficulties, Joana had a well-deserving happy ending. In a private exchange, she and Billy were engaged.

Who Might Return In Burden Of truth Season 5?

Burden of Truth Season 5 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

The Canadian drama series stars Peter Mooney as Billy Crawford, Kristin Kreuk in the role of Joanna Chang, and Meegwun Fairbrother playing Owen Beckbie. The show also features Star Slade as Luna Spence, Nicola Correia-Damude appearing as Diane Evans, and Anwen O’Driscoll portraying Taylor Matheson. Then there is Paul Braunstein essaying Sam Mercer, Sara Thompson as Molly Ross, and Varun Saranga appearing as Noah Achari.

Furthermore, David Brown stars as Ben Matheson, Michelle Nolden essays Teddie Lavery, and Dayle McLeod plays Katherine Carmichael. Then there is Sera-Lys McArthur as Kodie Chartrand and Montana Lehmann as Allie Nash and a few others. If the series is picked up for Burden Of Truth Season 5, there will be a return of the main cast members. At the same time, we may see some new characters in the fifth season, if there ever is one. 

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