March 22, 2023
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Will There Be Derry Girls Season 4: What Did The Showrunner Say?

Derry Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Bell rang for one last time, and Erin, Orla, Clare, Michelle, and James’ school life came to an end. Even though the characters in the show are moving ahead in their lives, the fans are not willing to move ahead and are desperately waiting for Derry Girls Season 4. But will there ever be a fourth season? Let’s discuss what we know about it.

Created by Lisa McGee, Derry Girls is a British teen comedy-drama series that debuted on Channel 4 in January 2018. The show revolves around the lives of a group of teens from the titular Irish town navigating through teenage life against the backdrop of ‘ The Trouble’ in Ireland.

Will There be Derry Girls Season 4?

Derry Girls season 4

The third season of comedy drama Derry Girls premiered on Channel 4 on April 12, 2022. And the season came to a conclusion, with the finale dropping on May 18, 2022. Now, talking about the future of the series, sadly, this is the end of the road for our favorite characters as the show will not return for Derry Girls Season 4. However, the fans may find comfort in the thought that the series was always meant to end with the third season. 

Lisa McGee, the creator of the series, also talked about the show coming to an end. She stated, “You never know what will happen in 10 years’ time, but as a writer, you just know when it’s complete. I’ll miss them, but I feel like I got to take those characters exactly where I wanted to take them.” She also added, “I’m going to start writing something else, another comedy, that I’ve put on hold for a while, it’s really exciting but a bit scary.”

What Do We Know About Derry Girls Season 4?

Derry Girls season 4

The show spent two seasons revolving around the school lives of Erin, Orla, Clare, Michelle, and James. But like all good things, their school life must come to an end. In the third season of the series, As they move closer to adulthood, the problems of our favorite Derry Girls can take center stage. As The Troubles approach their conclusion, Northern Ireland is also modernizing.

However, this is as far as we will ever know about Derry girls, as the series is coming to an end after the third season. This is due to Lisa McGee, the show’s creator, has always intended for Derry Girls to finish after three seasons, the conclusion of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, and the end of their academic career.


Derry Girls season 4

The cast of the British teen comedy-drama series features Saoirse-Monica Jackson in the role of Erin Quinn, while Nicola Coughlan plays Clare Devlin. The show also stars Louisa Harland as Orla McCool, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell playing Michelle Mallon, and Dylan Llewellyn in the role of James Maguire. Furthermore, we have Tara Lynne O’Neill as Mary Quinn, Ian McElhinney playing Granda Joe, and Kathy Kiera Clarke appearing as Aunt Sarah.

In addition, Siobhán McSweeney stars as Sister Michael, and Tommy Tiernan can be seen as Gerry Quinn, among a few others. If the show returns with Derry Girls Season 4, we are sure of the majority of the main cast members returning in their respective roles. At the same time, the fourth season could also introduce some new characters in the story.

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