March 29, 2023
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Love Island Season 8 Episode 57 Finale Recap: The Shocking Grand Finale! Who Won The Title?

Love Island Season 8 Episode 57

Finally, Love Island Season 8 Episode 57 revealed the luckiest winner of this season. Well, fans had been waiting for this day, and finally, it was here. But things didn’t go as expected, which was pretty much shocking. However, no need to fret. The deserving candidates won the reality television show. Fans were buzzing around, and we could understand the excitement level. But is it Luca and Gemma? Well, stay with us to know who won this season.

Love Island Season 8 Episode 57: What Happened In The Last Night?

The epic finale opened up with Paige and Adam saying goodbye to the villa. It was a tough decision. The islanders then voted for the least compatible couple in Love Island Season 8 Episode 56. Everyone did their best, but Luca was way too disturbed and wanted to know about the islanders’ decision. However, Luca and Gemma got only two votes and survived the game. But sadly, it wasn’t the same with Paige and Adam. They secured fifth place in the game, leading to their final goodbye. But hope they will continue their relationship outside the villa.

Love Island Season 8 Episode 57

After their departure, the remaining islanders- Tasha & Andrew, Luca & Gemma, Indiyah & Dami, and Davide & Ekin-Su celebrated this moment. They were the finalist and had all the rights to celebrate their journey. The following day they celebrated the grand finale with a grand party inside the villa. Everyone loved it and danced till the end. Soon it showcased their journey in the villa. Starting with Tasha and Andrew. They were the first couple who stayed together from the very beginning. The public votes connected them, and they proved their feelings ever since then.

However, the couple couldn’t make it and secured the fourth position in the competition. Soon after, Love Island Season 8 Episode 57 focused on another couple’s journey- Indiyah and Dami. They were the strongest and loveliest couple in the villa before Casa Amor. However, they saw the dark side of their relationship and finally made it to the finale. But unfortunately, they failed to entertain the audience and secured the third position in the game. The next couple was a big shocker. It was Luca and Gemma who made it to the second position. Luca was a bit surprised and couldn’t believe that the couple didn’t win Love Island.

Love Island Season 8 Episode 57

He didn’t shy to show his distress. Well, the couple had a perfect time together, and they never fought each other. It was pretty sweet. But it failed to catch the fans’ attention. The most shocking part of Love Island Season 8 Episode 57 was Davide, and Ekin-Su won the game. It was pretty surprising as they never came that strong. Ekin betrayed him before, but the couple made it to the finale despite this. Well, anything could happen, and the pair celebrated their biggest moment with all of their loved ones.

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