April 2, 2023
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‘Compromises Don’t Work In F1,’ Lewis Hamilton Shot Down by Jean Alesi

Jean Alesi, a former Formula One driver, has refuted Lewis Hamilton’s assertions that Mercedes can salvage their season and triumph in a Grand Prix race before the 2022 season. Following a recent improvement in the Silver Arrows’ record, the seven-time world champion announced that he feels his team can win this season. Alesi, on the other hand, has now stated that “compromises don’t work in F1.”

The eight times straight World Constructors Champion Mercedes, due to porpoising, has had a very difficult season. Lately, porpoising has become a serious problem in F1’s new ground-effect era. Nevertheless, modifications to the team’s W13 vehicle have led to stronger track performances in subsequent races, despite a dismal run of finishes in the early half of the season.

Prior to the season’s summer break, Hamilton and Russell achieved back-to-back double podium finishes in France and Hungary, with Russell also clinching pole position in Budapest last time out. The fact that Mercedes can dominate a race this season, as Hamilton previously predicted, looks to be more likely to happen as a result of these advancements. But not everyone is as upbeat as Lewis Hamilton. Alesi rejected Brit’s claim, explaining that while upgrades can help a car, they “won’t fix it”. The Frenchman stated to GiveMeSport, “By experience, when a car is born with problems, you’re not able to fix it.

Lewis Hamilton Is A Changed Man After His Trip To Africa! Here’s Why

The F1 world champion recently posted a fair share of photos and videos of his travels to Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania on social media. His paternal ancestors immigrated to Britain from the Caribbean. So, the Mercedes driver went back to get in touch with his roots. Hamilton even wrote about the trip’s lasting impact on him on social media. And after visiting Africa during the racing series’ August break, he feels “changed.” 

Lewis Hamilton mentioned that he felt more strongly than ever before linked to his roots and his forefathers’ presence. The British driver, who is the only Black driver in Formula One, immigrated to Britain from the Caribbean with his paternal grandparents. Hamilton has long advocated for Formula One to hold events throughout the continent. Now, the sport is now in talks with South African organizers about returning to Kyalami for the first time since 1993.

Lewis Hamilton

Following his African safari, Hamilton is set to return to the business of preparing for the 2022 F1 World Championship. The Belgian Grand Prix, which will be held at Spa-Francorchamps from August 26–28, will be Round 14. And it looks like a Mercedes comeback may be in the works.

Mercedes struggled to keep up with Ferrari and Red Bull’s performance at the beginning of the year, which was difficult for the British driver. However, there have been hints of improvement subsequently, with Hamilton achieving five straight podium finishes before the summer break. Only 10 points separate Lewis Hamilton from Carlos Sainz, who is in the fifth position in the World Championship rankings at the moment.

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