House Of The Dragon Episode 9

House Of The Dragon Episode 9: The Greens To Assume The Throne?

All these time jumps are finally paying off as fans are on the edge of the official beginning of the ‘Dance of the Dragons.’ The last episode saw Princess, Rhaenyra returning to Dragon stone after see-off her sons. She promised Alicent to return to the King’s Landing soon on the dragon’s back. But with Alicent misunderstanding King’s dying words, things will not be the same when she arrives. So, call on to your bannermen and fortify your castles, as we are about to discuss House Of The Dragon Episode 9.

House Of The Dragon Episode 9: Preview And Plot Details

With just two episodes remaining in the season, things are bound to get more intense in the penultimate episode. The ninth episode is titled The Green Council. HBO has shared a promo for the episode, which confirms that the ailing King Viserys will eventually die in the next episode, officially marking the start of ‘Dance of the Dragons. 

The promo reveals that Alicent and Otto will try to conceal the news of Viserys’ death from Rhaenyra. In her absence, The Greens will try to take advantage of the situation and attempt to ascend Aegon II to the Iron Throne. The promo hints at a lot of chaos unfolding in King’s Landing after the demise of Viserys. 

What Happened In House Of The Dragon Episode 8?

The eighth episode of House of the Dragon was titled ‘Lord Of The Tides’. The title refers to the lord of Driftmark castle. In the beginning, we learn that the Sea Snake has been severely injured during the battle at the StepStone. There are chances that he may not survive. As a result, his brother, Vaemond Velaryon, makes his claim for the Driftmark as he believes that Rhaenyra’s sons are illegitimate. 

Vaemond makes the plea for his claim on the Driftmark before the crown. After learning that her son’s claim to Drfitmark has been challenged, Daemon and Rhaenyra head to the Capital. In King’s Landing, fans see King Viserys’ health has gone worse. He is unable to conduct the court. Thus, Otto Hightower is making decisions on his behalf. Vaemond proposed his allegiance to the Greens in exchange for him getting Driftmark, and Otto seemed pretty convinced about the trade.

House Of The Dragon Episode 9

However, to the surprise of everyone, an ailing King Viserys, makes his way to the court to settle the matter for himself. Meanwhile, Corlys Velaryon’s wife, Rhaenys, sides with the Rhaenyra, and Driftmark castle is given to Lucerys Velaryon. As a result, Vaemond loses his temper and calls Princess’ sons bastards resulting in Daemon beheading him. 

Later On, Viserys organize a supper for his entire family as a last attempt to mend their differences. At the feast, things seemed to be going well until Aemon made a snarky comment about the ‘Strong’ boys breaking out a fight among the kin. Meanwhile, the episode ended with a jaw-dropping twist as Alicent misunderstood Viseyrs while he was talking about Aegon the conquerer. 

House Of The Dragon Episode 9: Release Date & Where To Watch

House Of The Dragon Episode 9

The right episode of the Game Of Thrones spinoff series House of The Dragon premiered on HBO on October 9, 2022. Meanwhile, as the show follows a weekly episode format, the ninth episode of the show is scheduled to premiere on October 16, 2022. Fans can catch the broadcast of House Of The Dragon Episode 9 at 9 Pm Est on HBO. Moreover, the latest episode will also be available to stream on HBO MAX.  

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