April 1, 2023
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Sing 3: Renewed? Star Drops Pleasant News & Release Date! Find Out Here

Sing 3

While Illumination and Universal Pictures are working on Sing 2 premiere in the UK, fans are highly impatient to learn about Sing 3. Fans have been wondering about the possibility of the third movie as the second left on a cliffhanger, leaving the door open for the sequel. But will the streaming giant return with Sing 3? If you ask us, we have bittersweet news for the fans. But before digging deeper into the news, let’s see what the series protagonist Matthew McConaughey says about Sing 3.

The film follows the struggle of Buster Moon, the owner of the Moon theatre. His theatre is at the edge of closing. So he needed some way to save it. Moon organized a singing competition to trick people by entertaining them. His competition turned out to be a joyful success. It later saved his theatre from collapsing. But he left everything in the second run to follow his thirst for success. Things didn’t go as per his plan until the end of Sing 2.

Sing 3: Renewal Status

It’s almost been a year since fans last saw the second movie of this franchise. Since then, they have been highly curious to learn about the future of the Sing franchise. However, Netflix has yet to announce the renewal of Sing 3 officially. But several movie stars expressed interest in continuing their roles in the upcoming movie. Well, the movie received positive acclamation from the global audience. Both movies received 71% positive response on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, the critics believed the first part was better than the second movie. Despite this, Sing 2 has grossed $1 billion worldwide. Thus fans eagerly await to learn about the renewal status of the movie. But it seems like Netflix and Illumination studio have secretly renewed the series as they have revealed the release date of Sing 3.

Matthew McConaughey Wants To Return

McConaughey, who played Buster Moon in Sing, told CinemaBlend that he wanted to return for the third movie. He’s interested in exploring Moon’s life and how things will work out in the franchise’s third movie. Matthew revealed that the second movie didn’t include a song and dance from Moon. But Matthew wants to explore Moon’s new journey. He added that a lot of people want him to perform on stage. So he believes he might sing, diddy, whistle, dance, and hum in the third movie. It will be fun. But by the time of the interview, Matthew revealed that the director Garth hadn’t revealed anything about Sing 3.

Sing 3

A Campaign To Save “Sing”

Soon after Sing 2 dropped on Netflix, fans started wondering about the future of the franchise. Well, the movie is one of the most-watched movies on Netflix. Despite this, fans were keen to determine whether their favorite movie would make it to the third one. So instead of waiting for the streaming giant and animation studio’s official announcement, avid fans started a campaign on Charge.org to save Sing and return with its third movie. As of now, almost 2k people have signed the petition. However, almost 1k is left to sign it. But it seems like their cry has been answered.

Sing 3: When Will Production Begin?

Sing 2 took almost five years in animation. The first movie debuted in 2016, while the second dropped in 2021. It left fans wondering whether Sing 3 would take the same amount of time to wrap up production. But it seems like the Illumination studio has already started working on the upcoming movie. However, the studio has yet to announce the production status officially. Typically the animation takes almost a year to wrap up production. But we expect the third movie to take almost two years to wrap up production and post-production work.

Sing 3

A Quick Recap!

In the second movie, Buster Moon, an anthropomorphic koala bear, saves his theatre from collapsing. However, he remained unsatisfied with his life and decided to explore something new. Moon leaves for Redshore City in search of some exciting work. So he plans to work with one of the most popular stars of Redshore City. But before approaching him, Moon went to Jimmy Crystal’s auditions. However, he didn’t like Moon’s concepts. Like him, Suki, a talent scout, didn’t like Moon’s Alice In Wonderland show that he produced in his city.

So he sent his goons to deal with Moon. Meanwhile, Jimmy kicked Moon off his studio. However, he needs to develop the entire show before things get north. He was kicked out of his job just a few weeks before to wrap up the show. Hence he needed someone powerful enough to help him get back his job. Moon was a fan of Clay Calloway and Gunter’s songs and wanted to work with them too. But he had no clue how to bring Clay back from his fifteen-year break.

Sing 3

Sing 3: What Will Happen Next?

The third movie may follow Buster’s and his group’s new adventure. Well, the team is still in Redshore City. They are exploring their talent there. The team’s efforts to sign Jimmy for their upcoming project were unsuccessful in the second film. But he somehow managed to gain the attention of Calloway. Ash somehow managed to convince Calloway to work with them. Soon after his approval, they will begin their production. The second movie ended with the industry’s typhoon showing their interest in Moon’s show. It hints at the bright future for the group and the show.

So now the troupe will continue their adventure while working with the major theatre. After exploring plenty of setbacks, Moon will finally taste success in such a big city. So it will follow his attempt to grab this success in a new environment, and the show will turn out to be a mega-blockbuster hit. The fans will also explore the relationship between Ash and Meena. Even though Jimmy got arrested in the previous movie, he might return to threaten Moon. Above all, Moon will use his wisdom and experience to deal with the impending challenges.

Sing 3

Sing 3: Cast Details

Well, Matthew McConaughey already revealed that he is highly excited to return as Buster Moon. Along with him, Ed Sheeran will also return as the singing voice of Moon. Also, Reese Witherspoon, as Rosita, will return with Scarlett Johansson as Ash and Tori Kelly as Meena. Taron Egerton as Johnny will join Nick Kroll as Gunter and Usher as Richard. Letitia Wright as Nooshy will return with Halsey as Porcha Crystal and Bobby Cannavale as Jimmy Crystal.

Pharrell Williams as Alfonso, Eric Andre as Darius, and Adam Buxton as Klaus Kickenklober will also join. Chelsea Peretti as Suki Lane will also join Nick Offerman as Norman, John C. Reilly as Eddie, and Jennifer Saunders as Nana Noodleman. Apart from them, Jessica Simpson as Melody Hunter will join the movie.

Sing 3

Sing 3: Release Date

While there’s no official announcement about the franchise renewal, there’s still news on when Sing 3 will return. As per the source, Sing 3 will take almost three years to return to your screen. It will drop in 2025. Perhaps the movie will air sometime in mid-2025. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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