September 28, 2023
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Conan Gray Gay: Singer’s Big Revelation Puts An End To “Gay Rumors”! Reveals His Sexuality

Conan Gray Gay

American singer-songwriter Conan Gray finally opened up about his sexuality. Well, the singer always remained the talk of the town for his undefined interest in men and women. Many fans also wondered if he was seeing a deja vu singer. It led to several debates, and some believed he was only into girls. Is that so? Isn’t Conan Gray gay? Well, all of your questions will be answered thanks to Conan Gray, who finally mentioned his interest in social media. Are you interested to learn what he has to say about this? Then, keep reading.


Early Life

Born in Lemon Grove, California, on December 5, 1998, Conan Gray and his family moved to Hiroshima, Japan, when he was an infant. After spending a couple of years there, the family moved to California. He used to speak Japanese fluently but has lost his proficiency. Do you know his parents divorced when he was just three? Since his father was in the military, he moved twelve times during his childhood. He was often bullied for being an Asian child. Later he entered UCLA and relocated to California.

Conan Gray Gay

Conan Gray’s Career

Initial Years In YouTube

Conan started his YouTube channel in 2013, mainly about baking videos and everyday life. His vlog primarily focused on his life in small-town Texas. Later he started recording music, and his vlog reached 25 million views. Soon he launched his single “Idle Town” in 2017, which gained 14 million streams on Spotify. A year later, he released another single, “Generation Why.” His career just started when his EP Sunset Season peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums.

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Later it secured No. 116 on the Billboard 200. Soon he got an opportunity to make his appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers. After then, he performed on several shows and went on plenty of tours. In October 2019, he embarked on his second tour of North America with renowned American recording artist UMI and New Zealand musician Benee. The same year, he won the 2019 Shortly Award for Best YouTube Musician. Do you know he was also nominated at the 2019 Streamy Awards for Breakthrough Artist?

Conan Gray Gay

2021 The Breakthrough Year

After Conan became a famous musician on YouTube, he finally released his debut album that focused on his life. His album Kid Krow became the biggest hit album ever of Conan’s journey. The same day he released “The Story,” and soon his single “Manic” became the international mainstream pop radio. While he started achieving great heights, fans doubted his sexuality. Is Conan Gray gay? Apart from this, his debut album peaked at number 5 on the Billboard 200. Soon it became the most significant new artist debut, breaking all the records.

Fans Doubted: Is Conan Gray Gay?

Fans worldwide are eager to know whether Conan Gray is gay. In his music videos, Conan has used both women and men as love interests. It quickly raised fans’ suspicion. They doubted whether Conan Gray was gay. However, the artist didn’t address his sexuality. But he tweeted how annoyed he is with this question- is Conan Gray gay? He added in his tweet that everyone just wants to put a label on him and he doesn’t like it. He also slammed his fans for brewing such rumors and asked them to stop it. Now it remains unclear whether or not he is gay.

Conan Gray Gay

Conan Gray & Olivia Rodrigo Are Together!

Soon after Conan made a special appearance at Olivia’s Sour Prom concert, fans started doubting whether they were together. Further, they used to rule each other’s Instagram pages. It also led fans to question their relationship. But they are only friends who are obsessed with Taylor Swift. They united for their love for music and later turned close friends.

In fact, both singers also promoted Taylor’s Fearless album and were seen several times together. Well, it doesn’t clear whether or not Conan Gray is gay. But his love for Taylor Swift is at another level.

Taylor Swift- The Biggest Influence

Gray was never shy to call himself Swiftie. He also said in an interview that Taylor Swift is his biggest inspiration. “I love what she does, her lyrics, and her career,” Gray said. He thanked her for being his lifelong songwriting inspiration and called her number one. Undoubtedly, he is Swift’s biggest fan, and she acknowledges him a lot. That was why she asked him to promote his album on his social media.

However, it remains unclear whether or not Conan Gray is gay. Is he trying to hide it from everyone to avoid being bullied by his fans? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. techRadar247 will keep you updated.

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