Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 7

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 7: “Beauty And The Beasties” Brings The Biggest Threat Of Time! WATCH

The survival show won’t show mercy to anyone, and it had already proved it when two of its survivalists faced a life-threatening situation in the previous episode. No doubt, fans love the concept and how each participant tackles the extreme temperature and daunting challenges. However, the severity of the show will upturn in Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 7 when their life is put at risk. The participants have to prove their skills to win the title. But can they survive in the extremely harsh climate and deadly animals? Let’s see who stays and who taps out.

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 7: What Will Happen Next?

In the upcoming episode, “Beauty And The Beasties,” new survivalists enter the game to showcase their survival skills. This time a professional hunter enters the wilderness of Zambia. Although the network hasn’t revealed the hunter’s identity, the person won’t be alone in this mission. An Air Force veteran will join the expert hunter. They both will try to survive in Zambia. However, finding food and shelter in such a place will be challenging, especially when surrounded by many animals. Soon their survival journey turns into a nightmare when aggressive baboons, elephants, and deadly lions prey upon them.

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 7

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode took the survivalist to the next level. A boat captain Michael and an attorney, Jaclin, were tasked to survive in the wilderness of South Africa. They had to stay there for 21 days and venture into the Kalahari desert. However, dealing with the extreme temperature was a challenging take. The pair had to survive the hot and warm climate while trying to find food and shelter. Both had a great start as they finally prepared a shelter, but hunting in such a climate didn’t appear to be a pleasant choice. During this time, they encountered plenty of poisonous and dangerous animals.

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The pair came in contact with rattlesnakes and decided to avoid them. But it was just the beginning of it. As time passed, the terrain’s aridity created chaos for both the survivalist. So they opted to take shelter near the pond to feel some coolness that helped them cover. But soon, they faced another trouble when wild rhinos and lions broke down their shelter. It turned out to be daunting as they either needed to fight for their life or quit the show. Well, the survivalists could tap out and escape the wilderness anytime. All they had to do was find an excavation spot before the crew came in and helped them leave.

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 7

Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 7: Air Date

The following episode will take the audience to the next location. You will see it in Naked And Afraid Season 15 Episode 7, which will air on April 2, 2023, at 8 pm ET. The all-new episode drops every Sunday night. You can stream it on Discovery Channel. The show is also available to stream on Discovery+, Hulu, and Netflix. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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