May 30, 2023
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Ambitions Season 2: Did OWN Renew The Drama? What Did President Tina Perry Say?

Ambitions Season 2

‘When the ambition is above all, nothing can hinder your way.’ This statement is strongly proven in an American drama, Ambitions. The series is touted to be a soap opera with lots of family melodrama. In 2019, the debut installment arrived on the OWN channel. Comprising complex relationships, never-ending conspiracies, and deception, Ambitions received the satisfying attention of the viewers. Moreover, family dramas have their own population of fans. So, such content is always expected to have a bright future ahead. Following season 1, fans are looking forward to Ambitions Season 2. It has been a while since they heard about the drama.

Jamey Giddens and Will Packer teamed up for Ambitions. The soap opera was bankrolled by Lionsgate Television and Will Packer Productions. On June 18, 2019, the first part appeared on Oprah Winfrey Network. Later on, OWN bagged the rights for another half. Set against the backdrop of Georgia, it focuses on two rival families. Both have a wealthy background and immense political support.

Will There Be Ambitions Season 2?

Ambitions Season 2
Ambitions, OWN

Soon after releasing the first season, Ambitions got entangled in an unfortunate happening. OWN channel announced the cancellation of the series. It stated that the drama would not return for any future seasons. However, a proper explanation was not provided by the channel. Also, the official crew did not specifically mention a convincing reason. Before the fans’ expectations could have risen up, OWN spilled water on every possibility. Netizens were reacting with sad emoticons all over social media.

However, Tina Perry, the president of OWN, expressed her gratitude to the entire team of Ambitions. She said that weekly episodes were great and engaging. Tina was impressed with the creativity that the makers came up with. The president wished to continue working with the crew in future. Adding to her statement, Perry said that she would love to collaborate on other projects.

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What Might Have Happened In Ambitions Season 2?

Georgia is home to politically established families with lots of wealth in their kitty. Ambitions is all about two such families who stand facing each other. With a high level of cut-throat competition in personal and professional lives, both have their own complexities.

Ambitions Season 2
Ambitions, OWN

In season 1, Titus got injured in a hit-and-run case. Amara was not ready to accept as the accident was severe. Titus’ accident seemed like a pre-planned mishappening. He wanted to inform Amara about it. But, before he could speak anything, he drowned in an unconscious condition. On the other hand, Rondell faced a crisis related to his company shares. His cousin sold away her shares to Greg Peters. Her unexpected move left Rondell in a messy circumstance. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Evan had a word about the love child. Their wedding saw an indefinite ending. Moreover, Evan’s political ambition became more uncertain.

The second season would have focused on more rivalry drama between the families. Many relationships fell apart, and several were deceived in season 1. Ambitions season 2 might have explored Amara’s connection with Titus. Also, a couple of unanswered questions must have been addressed. Why did Titus claim his accident was not an unforeseen circumstance? What else Stephanie and Amara planned together? Such queries had the probability of being taken into account.

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Who Would Have Returned In The Next Season?

Ambitions Season 2
Ambitions Cast

Ambitions featured a large panel of cast members. Apart from the main actors, the drama had a long list of renowned actor personalities portraying the supporting characters. Robin Givens had the highest probability of returning as Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster. Without her, expecting season 2 was baseless. In addition to her, one of the pivotal characters was Amara Hughes, played by Essence Atkins. Kendrick Cross could have marked his entry in the sequel as Titus Hughes. Moreover, fans also expected Brian J. White to reprise his role as Evan Lancaster, Jr. Lastly, Brely Evans might have appeared back portraying Rondell Pauline Lancaster.

Ambitions Season 2: Release Date

Since OWN has officially cancelled the series, there won’t be season 2 in the near future. But there exist several examples that showed how an unexpected revival had changed the fate of various shows. So, miraculously, if the channel changes its mind, Ambitions Season 2 might be possible. However, it is not possible in the coming few years. We will update the section as soon as any detail pops up.

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