Queen Of The Masks Episode 4

Queen Of The Masks Episode 4: A Wedding On The Horizon! What Will Jae-Yi Do? WATCH

This latest K-drama has just hit the network, and fans are allured by its twisted and mysterious plot that keeps them on edge. Since the show’s beginning, it has dropped an eerie vibe that hints Jae-yi knows something and is afraid of her dark secret. But how long she can hide her part remains to be seen. Further, Queen Of The Masks Episode 4 will focus on a looming wedding that will change someone’s future forever. Fans are already invested in the show, and how things will move in the upcoming episode remains to be seen when Jae-yi decides to take bold action.

Queen Of The Masks Episode 4: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode will continue the mystery. Jae-yi knows something about Je Hyeok, who’s preparing to tie the knot with Yoo-na. However, her mother informs her that she must think about it again as marriage isn’t easy. Although at first, things seem sweet and wonderful until you start to learn about the secrets you are hiding from each other. Later it reveals that Jae-yi already knows something about Je Hyeok, who promises her that he really loves Yoo-na and wants to marry her. They all prepare for the grand wedding, but someone sneaks in and tries to kill someone close to Jae-yi.

Queen Of The Masks Episode 4

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode opened up with a night after the party. It focused on Yoo-na and her friends, who waved to her after she left the party. But instead of heading back home, she stopped near a place to have a drink while her partner called her. Out of frustration, she switched off her phone, giving one of her friends a chance to speak to her boyfriend. In the hotel room, Yoo-na’s boyfriend started revealing the truth to Yoo-Jung one by one. He admitted that Yoo-na was a hostess of a famous hostess club, and he lied about her profession. She aimed to mix with these aristocratic family members to sell them at a hefty cost.

It quickly pissed Yoo-Jung off, and she left the hotel room. Back to the present, Jae-yi was waiting for someone when she heard footsteps coming from her behind. She appeared surprised to see a boy’s figure wearing a mask. Jae-yi seemed freaked out as it reminded her of something she never wanted to recall. Soon things started taking a dramatic turn when she saw some weird masks and asked why they handed such masks to the kids. It appeared Jae-yi was hiding something, and it started turning mysterious when she spotted a girl in the end.

Queen Of The Masks Episode 4

Queen Of The Masks Episode 4: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will focus more on Jae-yi’s mysterious life and how things will escalate when someone from her past reappears. Queen Of The Masks Episode 4 will air on May 2, 2023, at 10.30 pm KST. The all-new episode air every Monday and Tuesday night. It consists of 16 episodes of around an hour long. The local Korean audience can stream it on Channel A, while the global audience can catch it on Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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