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Arthdal Chronicles Season 3: Finale Teases “Next Chapter!” Is It The End?

Arthdal Chronicles is one of the most popular fantasy drama on tvN, which people of every demo has enjoyed a lot. The saga of the mythical ancient land of Arth had captivated fans as everyone was eager to learn whether the prophecy would come true. With Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword Of Aramum aka Season 2, winding up, the period drama fans are curious about Arthdal Chronicles Season 3. Is there any possibility for the third season? Well, there’s no denying that the show has proved its worth throughout its run by amassing a huge fanbase. However, it has concluded the story of Tagon vs. Eunseom. So, is there any chance for the next season? Worry not! Keep reading to know all the possibilities of its return.

The show takes place during the Bronze Age and is known as the first Korean ancient fantasy drama. However, Arthdal Chronicles is loosely based on the legendary lore of Dangun, the first Korean Kingdom of Gojoseon’s founder and its capital, Asadal. The show’s beginning focused on the power struggle and how things changed after the prophecy. As the show progressed, Tagon became a mighty King and intended to rule Arthdal. He envisioned enslaving those who would go against him. While he focused on building his empire, Eumseom struggled to bring his tribe back to life. But on this journey, he finally discovered his true origin and how he wanted to change everything for good. So, did he succeed? Let’s see!

Is Arthdal Chronicles Season 3 Renewed Already?

Arthdal Chronicles Season 3

Unfortunately, not! Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 has just wrapped up on October 22, 2023. So, it’s quite early for the network, tvN, to renew the show for the next season. Typically, the network takes a few months to announce the renewal decision. However, the renewal is generally followed up by the reception and viewership it has received. Since the show has amassed massive popularity among its global audience, the chances of Arthdal Chronicles Season 3 are pretty high. However, the second season hasn’t performed that well.

As per Nielsen Korea, the first season has received 7.180% viewership in Seoul, while it gained 6.550% viewership nationwide. Hence, the first season was considered the mega-hit season of the show. But the second season saw a drop in rating. Season 2 only received 4.096% viewership in Seoul. Thus, it hinders the chances of Arthdal Chronicles Season 3. However, Disney Plus has yet to reveal the viewership chart. Hence, whether the show will return for the next season remains unclear.

Further, the second season has concluded the war between Tagon and Eunseom. It has also titled Eunseom as the king of Arthdal, thus leaving no room for Arthdal Chronicles Season 3. But despite wrapping up the storyline, the second season has left some significant stories to explore in the further seasons. Hence, the chances of its renewal are quite high at this moment.

Arthdal Chronicles Season 3

But Stars Said Goodbye Before Finale!

While the show aired its finale on Sunday, the star cast sat down to express gratitude. They said their final goodbye before parting ways. Although it was a heartfelt moment, it hinted that there are mere chances of Arthdal Chronicles Season 3. Lee Joon Gi, who played twins Saya and Eunseom, said he was proud to wrap up this beautiful universe. He added it was his honor to work with the writer, director, and the rest of the talented staff. “I love you, and thank you,” Lee Joon Gi concluded his speech. Meanwhile, Shin Se Kyung, who played Tanya, commented that it was an incredible journey; she laughed and cried with her character.

Se Kyung added that this drama was precious to her, and she had a great experience filming for the series. The actress also hoped the viewers would like the series as much as they loved filming it. Jang Dong Gun, who returned as Tagon, said he liked the character. It was very cool and he was happy playing it. Dong Gun continued that he had fun and enjoyed the entire time filming the series. He further said, “I’m extremely thankful to work together with a great director and the best staff ever.”

Arthdal Chronicles Season 3

At last, Kim Ok Bin, who played Taealha, discussed the hardship they had faced during the filming time. She said, “Even though it was physically exhausting,” she liked going back to the set. They all laughed together, and it always made her feel like she had never been tired at all. While tvN hasn’t yet renewed Arthdal Chronicles Season 3, the star cast’s goodbye teased that there’s a slim chance of the third season. However, the cliffhanger has something else to say.

Finale Opens The Door For Arthdal Chronicles Season 3

In Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 finale, Tanya and Saya joined forces against Tagon to take over Arthdal. The former was entirely focused on Tanya and Arthdal. So, after a fierce battle with the Ago tribe, he finally swapped places with Eunseom. While the episode focused on Saya’s plan, Eumseom finally arrived at Arthdal and announced the final war. Meanwhile, Tagon acted insane to know who was beside him. After learning this, he imprisoned those who stood against him and prepared for the final battle with Eunseom.

However, he lost the battle and was presumed dead. But he, surprisingly, returned in time when Tanya was taking control of Arthdal. Tagon then imprisoned her, but with the help of the Momo tribe, Eumseon finally succeeded in entering the palace. Before revealing he had poisoned Arthdal’s water, Tagon told Taealha to leave the place with Arok and return when she was ready to capture Arthdal. But Tanya learned about Tagon’s actions. So, after learning about the poisoned water, she risked her life to close the water channel. But luckily, she was saved by Taealha, who provided her with the antidote.

Surprisingly, Taealha later killed Tagon, leaving everyone doubting her intention. On the other hand, Saya was captured by the Neanderthals. Eunseom became the new leader of Arthdal, and he was happy to be with his love, Tanya. They both reunited and worked on building the dynasty they had dreamt of. Meanwhile, Taealha was seen with grown-up Arok in the closing moment.

Cliffhanger Hints At A New Chapter

While Tanya and Eunseom’s story arc concluded, there is much to explore in Arthdal Chronicles Season 3. Season 2 ended with Saya being imprisoned. Well, he dreamt of living his life with Tanya ruling the Arthdal. But it never happened. So, in the closing moment, he vowed to return to capture Arthdal. Meanwhile, Taealha was also preparing for war, hinting that she would return to fulfill the promise. Thus, it suggests that there’s a chance for the third run. So, if the show returns with another season, we will see a way to satisfy the revenge.

Will There Be Season 3?

Looking at the loose ends, it’s likely that the network will return with Arthdal Chronicles Season 3. The series is known to explore and wrap all the missing pieces. So, it’s possible that it will do the same in the next run. Further, considering the popularity and success of the first two seasons, it’s highly possible that TVN will announce another season. In fact, the final episode saw a hike in rating compared to its previous episodes. So, the chances for its next run are high.

We will update this section shortly after learning the official announcement. This is all about Arthdal Chronicles Season 3. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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