Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 10

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 10: Takemichi Vs. Izana Kurokawa! Who Will Win? WATCH HERE

There’s no denying that the previous episode was a hell of a ride. Angry finally returned to the battleground with his full form. While Toman got the upper hand in the fight, Kisaki’s return turned the table. Now that the battle is between Kisaki and Takemichi, things will soon take a surprising turn. However, Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 10 hints that Takemichi will be the star of this episode. This is because his action will force several people to change their minds and follow his path. However, things won’t be in Toman’s favor, and this will indeed bring some gruesome actions and may lead to someone’s death. Will this person be Takemichi? Keep reading to know that.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 10: Takemichi Fate Is In The Dark! What’s Next?

With Kisaki holding Takemichi at gunpoint, Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 10, titled “Brave Heart,” hints at the latter’s fate. Despite being in such a position, Takemichi refuses to accept his defeat and is ready to receive a headshot. His confidence will leave Kisaki flabbergasted. Although he had just killed Emma a few hours ago, he appeared scared to face such a strong opponent. Takemichi bravery will soon prevent his strongest opponent from pulling the trigger. This scene will leave not only Kisaki in surprise but also Kokonoi in shock.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 10

Well, Kokonoi believed that Inui Seishu made the wrong decision to pick the Black Dragons after hearing Takemichi. The former had also looked down on the latter. But after witnessing his bravery, he decides to follow Takemichi’s steps. It will indeed convince him to leave his group regardless of the current situation on the battlefield. While things move favorably, Izana Kurokawa will take serious action in Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 10. He is irritated to see Kakucho avoiding killing his greatest nemesis. It will indeed force him to take matters into his own hands and confront Takemichi.

Since the latter has already fought the higher-ups of their opponent group, he is no stranger to their move. But he is currently weak after being beaten up several times. So, it will be a suicide if he fights against Kurokawa by himself. It will be when Mikey and Draken will enter the picture. Well, they aren’t on the battleground. So, they will likely return in Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 10. But whether they can save Takemichi remains unclear.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with the Haitani brothers entering the picture. The battle was already at its peak, and when they arrived, they started hitting Hakkai mercilessly. Although the latter tried to dodge the attacks, he couldn’t reach the end. As a result, he ended up breaking his own leg. While the Haitani brothers were all set to hit Angry, he was broken into tears after witnessing such a heinous act. However, it wasn’t something that he should have done.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 10

This was because of the promise he made to his brother, Smiley. But it later made Angry 100 times stronger than he was before. With such a strength, he beat down most of the Tenjiku. And the interesting part was most of them were the higher-ups. It quickly created panic among the Tenjiku, forcing Kakucho to enter the battleground. The latter then defeated the rest of the Toman members in one go. But Takemichi stood against him and refused to go down. Despite being beaten several times, he gave his former friend a tough fight. But the scene upset Kisaki Tetta, forcing him to confront Takemichin with a gun.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 10: Release Date

The next episode, titled “Brave Heart,” will finally reveal Takemichi’s fate. Will he survive? You will learn it on Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Episode 10, which will air on December 6, 2023, at 12 am JST. The all-new episode follows a weekly release pattern airing every Wednesday night. It is available to stream on its original network, MBS. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it on Crunchyroll. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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