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DOOL/ Arianne Zucker makes startling revelations

Days of Our Lives: Shocking! Arianne Zucker Sues Producers, Claims Sexual Harassment

Days of Our Lives often becomes controversy’s favorite child for one reason or the other. This time, the soap has come into the limelight due to a shocking claim made by one of the leading ladies of the soap. Latest news reports suggest that fan favorite actress – Arianne Zucker, is suing DOOL’s producers. Furthermore, the star claims that sexual harassment is at the base of her lawsuit. Keep reading to find out more details.

As per the documents TMZ got their hands on, Arianne is suing Corday Productions and Albert Alarr, who is the former executive producer of Days of Our Lives. The actress claims that she was along with some other female cast members have suffered sexual harassment on the sets. Which include non-consensual inappropriate touching and lewd comments. She has also included Executive Producer Ken Corday in her lawsuit. She maintains that all of this happened when Alarr was still part of the soap.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers -Corday - Alarr
DOOL/ Ken Corday and Albert Alarr face lawsuit

Days of Our Lives : Arianne Claims Harassment and Unfair Termination

Arianne claims that she had taken up the matter previously too. Initially, no action was taken. However, when the news became public and created an uproar, Days of Our Lives fired Alarr. The actress asserts that the action was taken just as an attempt to save face , and not to actually deliver justice. She felt that it was all too less and too late. Now, the issue has once again reared its head with the show and the actress running into negotiation troubles.

As per sources, Arianne insists that she tried to work out a new deal with the production for the renewal of her contract. However, they are not really open for a real negotiation. She claims that it feels like she is basically being fired at the end of her contract. Thus, wants to sue them for wrongful termination. However, the production is fiercely opposing Arianne’s stance. A spokes person for Corday Productions paints the actress’ lawsuit as baseless and “without merit”. They claim that the producers had offered her a pay hike, before she made a counter offer, which they rejected. Thus, it can hardly be called a retaliation.

Days of Our Lives - Nicole
DOOL/ It could be time to bid Nicole goodbye

At this point it is hard to say who is right here and who is wrong. It is a classic he said she said situation. But one things is for sure, going by the fact that Arianne is suing Days of Our Lives for unspecified damages, she is surely out of the soap. So, fans better brace up for a Nicole exit sometime soon. Although if anything changes, we’ll update you pronto. So, stay tuned to Tech Radar 247 for more Days of Our Lives spoilers and news.

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