February 23, 2024
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PS5 and Xbox Series X 2020 launches without the fear of coronavirus

With the outbreak of coronavirus extending its reach throughout the world and in various industries, there is concern that Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation plans may get delayed. Due to the coronavirus spreading globally and more cases coming each day. Predictions are that things might get worse. But within the game, each passing day greets us […]

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Microsoft’s New Xbox One Dashboard Available with Updated Home Screen

A piece of great news for all the Xbox one lovers, as Microsoft is updating the home screen with the latest dashboard. Furthermore, Microsoft is launching its new Xbox One dashboard design to all consoles this week. The new design focuses on reviewing the homepage of the Xbox One dashboard, with frequently used games and […]

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PS5 Vs Xbox Series X: What is the difference?

As the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have reached the final stretch of their lives. Soon, Microsoft and Sony will launch the next generation of consoles. It is surely be loaded with new features, as well as significant improvements in processing power to run the latest video games. Sounds interesting? Isn’t it? But wait there’s […]

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