8 Female Cancer weakness


Cancers, ruled by the moon, can experience mood swings that might impact their interactions with others.


Cancers may be highly sensitive, leading to intense emotional reactions that could be challenging for them to manage.


Some Cancers may have a tendency to become overly attached, seeking emotional security through close relationships.


Due to a desire for harmony, Cancers may avoid confrontation, potentially hindering the resolution of issues.


Cancers often have a deep attachment to the past, which might make it difficult for them to embrace change.


Caring and nurturing, Cancers may become overprotective, potentially stifling the independence of those they care about.


Cancers may struggle with decision-making, as their emotions can cloud their ability to make rational choices.

Retreating into Shell

When feeling overwhelmed or hurt, Cancers may withdraw into their shell, making it challenging for others to reach them emotionally.

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