Famous Celebrities That Are From Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Leonardo DiCaprio (Born Nov 11, 1974)

Known for his intense and transformative performances, Leonardo DiCaprio embodies the Scorpio traits of passion and depth.


Julia Roberts (Born  October 28, 1967)

Charismatic and determined, Julia Roberts is known for her powerful on-screen presence.


Ryan Gosling (Born November 12, 1980)

Intensely private and enigmatic, Ryan Gosling reflects the Scorpio traits of mystery and depth.


Katy Perry (Born October 25, 1984)

Passionate and charismatic, Katy Perry is known for her bold and energetic performances.


Matthew McConaughey (Born Nov 4, 1969)

Known for his laid-back charm and intense roles, Matthew McConaughey embodies the Scorpio traits of magnetism and depth.


Emma Stone (Born November 6, 1988)

Stone's success in a variety of roles reflects her intelligence and adaptability.


Drake (Born October 24, 1986)

Drake's music reflects his emotional depth and ambition.


Anne Hathaway (Born November 12, 1982)

Hathaway's ability to embody diverse characters reflects the Scorpio trait of depth.


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