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How to run a group of Super Bowl Squares?

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Not many of us are aware of what exactly is Super Bowl squares pool? How can we run and play it correctly? Here’s our step by step guide for you.

The Super Bowl squares are a game of chance in which people can buy squares in a grid, each of which is assigned two numbers. These numbers correspond to the given value of the table in the X and Y coordinates (or horizontal and vertical). This sounds exciting and more complicated than it is. But don’t you worry as we got you covered.

How to play and what are the rules for the Super Bowl run?

It’s pretty simple to start just make a square. Then divide that square into 10 rows and 10 columns. (If you want a larger group of squares, you can go up to 100 x 100 for a grid, but if you are running a serious and massive group, I doubt you need to explain how to run it). There are different ways of playing, but generally, the x-axis is applied to one team, and the y-axis is applied to the other team.

Super Bowl Squares

Participants can buy squares on the board. People do not know what number they will be assigned; they are only buying the opportunity to own a square and can buy as many as you want to limit. In a 10 × 10 grid, obviously, there are 100 squares available to buy.

You can sell squares for the amount you want and limit the number of people who can buy if you think it is convenient.

Furthermore, when the names are assigned in random squares, randomly assign the numbers from 1 to 10 to the rows and columns.  While most people divide the scores by quarter, half and then the final score. The pot can be divided as you want.

A popular way to do this is 50% of the jackpot for the final score, 30% for the part-time score and then 10% for the 1st and 3rd quarter scores, but it’s entirely up to you. Some people only make 25% of the pot after each of the four quarters.

Whereas the way to find a winner is whoever the square correctly matches the digits of each team’s score. So, if the score after the first quarter is 14-10 Patriots, the player with a square that matches 4 in the Patriots column and 0 in the Rams column will win that quarter. Each quarter gives you a new chance to win. Sounds fun-filled? Right! Go and play this wonderful super Bowl run with friends.

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