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Everything you Need to Know About the Exceptional Apple’s Pencil

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Connecting Apple Pencil on iPad Pro

Apple introduced in 2015 the first iPad Pro, which came with an optional stylus called Apple Pencil. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was famous against stylus, but Apple Pencil has proven to be a useful tool for taking notes, drawing and more.

Furthermore, the Apple Pencil has been maintained since 2015 and, as of today, it is compatible with the entire current line of Apple iPad. In the guide below, we cover everything you need to know about the Apple Pencil.

What exactly is Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil is a pencil designed by Apple that works with Apple iPads. It is called Apple Pencil because of its resemblance to a traditional pencil, although with a definitive Apple-style design.

There is a small plastic tip (which can be replaced) that connects to the iPad‌ screen, a pen-like body to hold and a loading mechanism. In the original Apple Pencil, there is a Lightning connector, but the second-generation model is inductively charged through the ‌iPad Pro‌.

The Apple Pencil is used instead of a finger for precision tasks such as writing and drawing, and can also be used to navigate through the operating system. It is excellent for drawings, art creation, note taking and similar tasks because it is precise, has palm rejection and offers sensitivity to pressure and inclination.

What features does Apple Pencil offer?

Apple pencil has one of the best features which works excellent on iPad generation 1 & 2. The previous shape of Apple Pencil was round, which means it would roll on a desk or table that was not perfectly uniform. The new model has a flat side, which prevents unwanted movements.

Apple’s Pencil stylus

This change is obvious; the round pencil was perhaps attractive from a design point of view, but it was not practical. It also has a matte finish that is easier to hold and less slippery than the first model. The 2nd generation works well with the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

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