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Borderlands 3 Discloses the Thematic Expansion of Lovecraftian and the release date of Steam

All borderland game lovers! This news is for you all as they have prepared for Eldritch’s action in the new Borderlands 3 expansion. As this amazing innovative game is getting a new campaign-focused expansion and Steam will soon be released for all its players.

According to the recent statements which become viral is as following on Thursday night. Gearbox announced at PAX East that the game will soon receive an update, titled Guns, Love, and Tentacles.

While Speaking further about the game he said to GameSpot, Gearbox art director Jonathan Rancourt. “We are going through a strong contrast between those [Lovecraftian] landscapes. You will be in an icy wasteland where there are high mountain peaks that convey a sense of the horror of some way “.

With this downloadable content (DLC), Gearbox is adding a new planet that looks properly frozen and the Arctic enough to be compared to the scenario of the Lovecraft Mountains of Madness story.

The main story of the DLC is based on a wedding between male characters Sir Hammerlock and Wainwright Jakobs. Gearbox has said that while the scenario looks creepy, this story will be light and enjoyable: after all, it’s Borderlands.

The icy planet they chose for the wedding venue is the home of the corpse of a dead vault monster, which is naturally worshiped by a local cult with the intention of interrupting the nuptials. Horror will not be threatened here, as you will explore a frozen wasteland, complete with annoying cultists to deal with.

The paid DLC will also bring back Gaige, a fan-favorite character, from Borderlands 2. After the launch of this expansion, Gearbox will continue to update the game, as with the Mayhem Mode 2.0 free update patch that will arrive in April.

Furthermore, Guns, Love, and Tentacles will launch on March 26 and offer players everything they expect from a Borderlands expansion; New weapons, bosses and class mods.

During the presentation, Gearbox also revealed that Borderlands 3 would finally launch on Steam on March 13. Until now, the PC version of the game was exclusive to the Epic Games Store. When Borderlands 3 is released on Steam, it will also support the cross-game between Steam and Epic Games Store.

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