Thundurus Max CP and figures on Pokémon GO

According to the recent statements the second in a trio of legendary Pokémon from the Unova region, Thundurus, will be available to fight in Pokemon GO Raid Battles starting March 2,

If you achieved to catch Thundurus, you’re maybe speculating what your CP and thoroughgoing statistics are and if it’s worth it or not. Well look no further here is the maximum CP and Tornadus figures, according to the game press.

Is it value rotary on Thundurus? No! What makes or breaks an electric type Pokémon is its access to Wild Charge. By far the best electric type loading movement and, in general, an excellent movement thanks to its great damage combined with the flexibility of its two bars of energy. While Thundurus’ attack is decent, its strongest electric-type charging movement is the mediocre Thunder, and its other movements are not much better. Even Pokémon like Luxray and Magnezone have a rhythm of Thundurus.

Furthermore, the Thundurus now also has a second form known as the Therian form that has 295 attacks according to Game Press. Looking at the website’s DPS (damage per second) spreadsheet, this increase in attack could be enough to place it just behind other notable electric-type attackers like Electivire and Raikou. However, as with Tornadus, we can only get its Incarnate form with 266 attacks at this time.

In other news, Niantic will hold special Raid weekends throughout the month of March. While Darkrai will be available from March 6 to 9, the altered form Giratina from March 13 to 16, Cobalion from March 20 to 23 and Lugia from March 27 to 30.

Players will have the opportunity to capture their bright forms during those moments. In addition, Cobalion and Lugia caught during their time will know an exclusive attack, Sacred Sword for Cobalion and Aeroblast for Lugia.

During the Cobalion Raid weekend, a new Special Research mission will be available. In addition, the normal type Pokémon, fire, water, electricity, and ice will appear more frequently in nature and Nincada will also appear in nature, as well as 5 km eggs. Karrablast and Shelmet will hatch more often than 5km eggs during the event.

Lastly, during the weekend of Lugia Raid, Solosis and Gothita will make their debut in the game. Solosis will be available in the wild during the day and Gothita will be available during the night. Both Pokémon can also be found in 5km eggs. Psychic-type Pokémon will appear more frequently in nature, raids and 2km eggs.

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