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Elon Musk Replies To Fan Tweets, Updates Everyone About Cybertruck

Elon Musk, in his classic way, replied to some fan tweets recently. The CEO revealed some very exciting news about Cybertruck. We are talking about better off-road functionality with increased dynamic air-suspension travel. Even more, the company is working to shrink the size of the futuristic truck. So that it fits into garages in the US. Lowering the window sill height and leveling the centerline are some of the other improvements that one might get to see in the actual retail unit.

The company does not have a production plant yet

Though Tesla has not set up a factory for production, they say that they are searching for a place to start in the US. The manufacturing and production are planned in late 2021. We would likely see different models, based on power and range travel. The high-end models would be produced first, with the less powerful models scheduled for production in 2022.

Cybertruck completely blew minds at launch!

Remember playing those futuristic video games that invoked the desire to use all the gadgets? Those movies like Men in Black which showcase a tremendous amount of future tech that does not even exist. If you say that you never desired those, you would probably be bragging. Last year, all of us witnessed a revolutionary design. Tesla Cybertruck made thousands of heads turn in the launch event. Some even said it was hard to believe as it looked like some sort of animation or hologram. But the prototype was launched and it worked.

We are talking about a truck that virtually looks like a vehicle from some sci-fi movie. Cybertruck features an electric automobile design. It offers par power and acceleration as the ones that run on conventional fuels. The electric pickup has serious payload capacity and can travel a huge distance with respect to electric cars. The chassis of the truck is carved out of stainless steel. As far as the dimensions are concerned, it has targeted some already popular vehicles, with a seating capacity of six people. But, here is when things start to get interesting. The pricing of the truck might begin around $50,000.

Tesla is also preparing some kind of futuristic Cybertruck housing called Cybunker. The rugged and sharp looks of the pickup make it easy to compare it with a tank. Though at the time of launch, the vehicle received mixed reactions from the public, one cannot deny that it is one step ahead to the future. 

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