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Young Sheldon Season 4: Will Sheldon Go To CalTech? Might Add Final Episode From Season 3

CBS renewed Young Sheldon Season 4 quite early when season 3 was about to stream. According to the network, it’s a prequel of Big Bang Theory, so there’s no point in rethinking it. However, the show’s last season rating is quite disappointing than its previous season. So now it’s not clear whether season 4 would return or not. But, the main star casts revealed on their social media accounts that they might return with Season 4 in fall. So let’s see what happens with Young Sheldon Season 4.

In the previous season’s finale episode, Sheldon gets offer letters from many different colleges, including the most famous one, CalTech. However, his mother tried to hide that from her son. It is because she didn’t want him to do graduation at such an early age. But, Sheldon discovered this and hustled to convince his parents. Finally, he succeeded, but his family first asked him to finish his undergraduate studies at East Texas Tech.

Young Sheldon Season 4: Renewed!

Although Young Sheldon Season 4 got an early renewal, the ratings of Season 3 were not that impressive as its previous season. And if we consider the viewership and ratings of all the seasons, then this sudden drop of rating in the last season might make the situation difficult for season 4. Nevertheless, Young Seldon is the child series of Big Bang Theory, so there’s no chance that CBS will cancel the show.

Also, the previous season broadcasted only 21 episodes. So, it means that the last episode will be season four’s launch episode. Furthermore, the star cast revealed on their social media account that Season 4 is on its way. Though shooting isn’t started yet. As soon as everything settles down, Season 4 will be ready to entertain its audience.

Moreover, the official Twitter account of Young Sheldon also confirmed this news. The post states as, “There’s more, Young Sheldon where that came from- the Cooper family is returning for a fourth season.”

What Will Happen In Young Sheldon Season 4?

Will Season 3 Final Episode Add-On?

Generally, Young Sheldon contains 22 episodes in each season. But, due to the lockdown, the shoot for the finale episode did not happen. Albeit Young Sheldon’s cast members tried their best to maintain their custom. However, the school authority didn’t allow them to continue because of safety measures. The production halted, and finale episode will be added on in season 4. In Season 3, Sheldon got offer letters from different colleges, and he also convinced his parents. So, the launch episode would consist of the graduation ceremony of Sheldon from his current school.

Will Sheldon Go To CalTech For Graduation?

Since in Young Sheldon Season 3, fans saw George and Mary finally approving Sheldon to be a full-time college student at East Texas Tech. After attending so many part-time lectures, now he can enroll as a full-time student. Further, the college letters which he received explains that Season 4 would portray his university life. If we consider the Big Bang Theory precept, then Sheldon will join Caltech after completing his undergraduate studies from East Texas Tech at the age of 14 years.

Release Date

The shooting is halted due to the global pandemic. So fans have to wait a little longer before any official announcement for season 4. However, Raegan Revord, aka Missy teased in her Instagram post, “see you next fall, hopefully!” So, fans can expect Young Sheldon Season 4 to return till 2021.

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