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The Eddy Season 2: Will Netflix Anthologize The Show? Writer Jack Thorne Discussing Details


The Eddy is a French-American musical-drama miniseries of Netflix. Recently, the show hit the streaming platform and got mixed reviews from the audience. However, the future of The Eddy Season 2 entirely lies in Netflix’s hand. According to the show’s writer Jack Thorne, “The Eddy” is a singular show on Netflix. Perhaps there won’t be any next season. However, he also plans to write a new installment for the show. Everything is a little unclear. Now, we can only hope for good news to hear.

In The Eddy, Elliot Udo, aka Andre Holland, operates the onymous Parisian nightclub, in which Maja and other musicians work. The peaceful environment of the nightclub suddenly changed one day when gangsters threaten Elliot with violence. The show circled Elliot’s first musical performance with her 16-year-old daughter Julie and dealing with the gangsters.

Will The Eddy Return For Season 2?

Netflix came up with a new musical-drama miniseries The Eddy. The show beautifully planned and executed- with brief opening, middle, and climax. So, this means there won’t be any next season? Well, definitely not! Initially, it was supposed to project as “limited miniseries.” However, recently, Jack Thorne, the writer of The Eddy spokes to Collider, is looking for the second installment.

It means The Eddy would return with more action and music. However, Netflix has yet to confirm whether the show reaches its targetted viewership and get a green signal or not. Also, it’s entirely on Netflix’s hands whether to anthologize the miniseries or not. Till then, let’s wait for something good to hear.

The Eddy Season 2: What Will Happen?

What Thorne Has To Say?

In an interview, Throne said that he got an idea, and now he’s considering writing The Eddy Season 2 on that plot. The new installment will explore the stories of other characters. They are Julie, Elliot, and Maja. However, Thorne said that unlike others- instead of waiting and spending time on numbers of installments, it’s better to explain everything in one go. He already concluded everything in his last show. So there’s not anything left to push it for the next season, until and unless Netflix renews it.

What Happens With Elliot?

Howbeit the show concluded everything in its previous season, in which Elliot and Juliet form a strong bond during their performance. And The Eddy head office exploded, which made Elliot go undercover with unauthorized help from the police. If in case, The Eddy returns for a new installment, mainly the second season would start from where it left. Elliot was watching musician group singing and mocking on the street where he felt a reawakening. So, probably we could witness Elliot reforming his musical group, and would start a new life different from what he experienced in the past.

Will Julie Stay With Elliot?

The two shared a strong bond. Yet, after the explosion occurred in The Eddy head office, they parted their ways, and Elliot is roaming and hiding from the gangsters. So, he can’t take Julie with him as a matter of her security. Thus, Julia may continue her Parisian life without Elliot in the next installment. But anything can happen. So let’s see whether the two reunite or not in the upcoming season.

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