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13 Reasons Why Season 5: Renewed? Is Netflix Bringing Another Installment

13 Reasons Why Season 5


13 Reasons Why Season 5: The fourth season of the franchise released yesterday. Since the show first premiered in 2017, it has been in the talks. The cast and the creators of the show have always defended it. Throughout, they have claimed that the topics covered by 13 Reasons why were heavy but necessary to be addressed. They claimed that the show started a conversation among their audience. However, many have criticized the show, given the bold and horrifying scenes on it (Don’t forget Hannah Baker’s death scene and the sexual assault scene in the second season).

Even after this heavy depiction and the clumsy reputation, the show has been able to grab wide viewership. Now, the fourth and the final season of 13 Reasons Why is out. Is there really no future of the show? Will the show just end, or is there a possibility of 13 Reasons Why Season 5? Read here about all the possibilities. 

Could There Be 13 Reasons Why Season 5:

Unfortunately not. The show 13 Reasons Why has concluded with the fourth season of the show. In a statement, Netflix explained that the concluding of the show after the fourth season was a purely creative decision. 13 Reasons Why Season 4 will see the whole cast graduating. Netflix also released a teaser featuring the whole cast emotionally saying good-bye to the show. The video also featured Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis), saying that she has had an experience of a lifetime. She also thanked everyone. 

Showrunner Brian Yorkey About The Show

In an interview, Showrunner Brian Yorkey said that when they were making the second season, he knew that they would have more seasons of the show. But at the same time, he also knew that the series would be a four-season story. He says that he was always suspicious about high school shows that last longer than four years. He went on to request everyone not to get him wrong, but the show began as high school shows, so, bringing the characters to their graduation and then leaving them to their next things seems logical to him. It feels like the natural end.

13 Reasons Why Season 5

Talking about 13 Reasons Why, he says that they decided to end the show after four seasons was because the characters gradu ate in the fourth season, and then, that’s the natural ending. He says that they are very grateful for the opportunity to tell the story for long enough.

What Is The Future?

Brian says they are not very interested in exploring what the characters would do at their colleges. He loves the idea of leaving the whole after-school for viewers to imagine. He wants to end the show as a four-season high school show.


Having said that, the question is pretty theoretical. Really, anything is possible. 13 Reasons Why has been a big hit and has provided huge business to Netflix, so we can’t really rule out the possibility of a spinoff. Even if not now, but maybe sometime later? Who knows. We will keep updating this space will all the updates about the show as it comes. You stay tuned and not miss any updates—also, 13 Reason Why Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix for you to binge-watch. So, tune in.

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