June 10, 2023
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Spirited Away 2: [Latest Updates] When Will It Return? Everything To Know

Spirited Away 2

A lot of rumors boiling up on the surface regarding the arrival of Spirited Away 2. It’s been two decades, but fans still want to see Chihiro’s return and live up to the promise he made to Haku. The fans hear the rumor about the return of the animated movie franchise almost every single year. But nothing has been proved to be the truth so far.

Spirited Away is a Japanese animated fantasy movie. The film made under Studio Ghibli premiered on July 20, 2001, and became a blockbuster hit. The movie broke all the records and became the highest-grossing movie in Japanese box-office. It managed to collect over $347 million worldwide. The fans loved this movie a lot, and it also received universal acclaim from experts all around the globe. 

Spirited Away 2

Spirited Away 2: Will It Ever Return?

The movie had a lot of accomplishments, and if we look at its performance, the sequel would have made long back. It is only hand-drawn and non-English animated film ever to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards. It is also featured frequently in the list of greatest animated films ever made. The box-office collection, critical reception, and love from the fans are more than enough reasons for this film to get a sequel. However, the creators decided to stick with its one movie plan. 

Earlier this year, Studio Ghibli announced that Hayao Miyazaki is getting out of retirement and working on his next big, fantastic story. Everyone anticipated this project to be Spirited Away 2. But, unfortunately, this film turned out to be ‘How Do You Live?’ It’s almost been twenty years without any official announcements from the creators. Since there haven’t been any credible rumors so far. So, it is safe to assume that the fans might never see the sequel of the most successful animated film. 

Spirited Away 2

Why It Won’t Likely To Happen?

Studio Ghibli is famous not making any needless sequels no matter how successful their film is. They have quite an image for this in the industry. By doing this, they might be losing their potential profits but gained the utmost credibility from the viewers. The studio refuses to make any film only because of their profit. It is good and bad at the same moment because the fans won’t be able to reunite with Chihiro and Haku. Therefore with all those pointless rumors and the production’s self-rule, there is no reason to believe the existence of Spirited Away 2.

How Spirited Away Set The Plot Of Its Sequel?

Spirited Away 2 Plot

The movie narrates the story of ten-year-old Chihiro Ogino as she tries to save her parent in the world of Kami. Yubaba, a witch, transformed her parents into pigs after dining from a mysterious restaurant. She meets Haku, a young guy who can also change into a dragon. Haku helps and protects Chihiro as she travels and meets other weird characters in the spirit world. The movie concluded with Haku promising Chihiro that they would meet again. Chihiro returns back to the real world with her parents. Spirited Away 2 can focus on the reunion of Haku and Chihiro and give them a happy ending. 

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