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The Four Season 3: Renewed? New Elements In The Show! Another Judge, Release Date

The Four


The Four Season 3: Fox’s American reality TV show- The Four: Battle for Stardom, a.k.a The Four is a music competition. The show first premiered in 2018 and was eventually renewed. The second season released only a few months after the first season. The winner of the show was awarded a recording contract with Republic Records. Evvie McKinney and James Graham have won the show for season one and two, respectively. 

Ever since the second season concluded, fans have been looking forward to know who will win the third season. They have been desperately looking forward to The Four Season 3. Here are all the details about the installment

What’s The Format?

In the beginning round of the show, new challengers come in and earn their seat by performing in front of panelists and the audience. The judges then vote by either saying a yes or a no. If the challenger received a yes, they proceed to the next round, where they have to compete with the show members. After the challenge, the audience gets to vote for the contestant who they think deserves the seat. The winner gets a seat, and then they have to face a new challenge again. 

The Four Season 3

The second season saw four contestants competing against new artists to make their spot on the show. By the end, one of the artists got an opportunity to come back and have a seat in the finale. The winner was then crowned and then offered a contract with Republic records. 

New Things In The Four Season 3

If and when The Four Season 3 renews, fans can expect a few changes on the show. Here is something about that- 

Public Might Get To Vote

Until now, the judges had been making all the decisions on the show. So, including fans in the decision-making process, public voting could prove really beneficial for the show. Many other reality shows, like The Voice, have adapted to this new pattern and are seen rise in the viewership. This way, fans have to vote and stay tuned to save their favorites. If the fans can vote and become a part of the decision, it will hook them up and keep them interested. 

More Country Music On The Four

The Four has always proved itself to be a show that highlighted diversity. Until now, viewers have seen several rappers, vocalists, pop, and R&B sings. One thing missing on the show is Country music. In a survey about favorite music genres, most Americans revealed that they liked country music. So, that could be coming in as a part of The Four Season 3. 

A Fourth Judge Could Join

The show initially started with four judges, but then it ended up with being three. So, it would be great if they could add a fourth judge on in the format. There are several faces like Scott Borchetta and Taylor Swift, who have been a part of other reality shows, so could The Four be looking for someone with prior experience? 

Bring Back The Original Four

In the first season, The original Four members could not make it past the first two weeks. In the second season, the last two were original members. That was important because while some seats may rotate, it would bring inconsistency. Plus, they could add more episodes giving singers more time to perform so people could feel connected. 

The Four Season 3: Renewal & Release Date

The previous season, that is, The Four Season 2 concluded in August 2018. Ever since then, fans have been asking about the show. However, Fox has not announced anything regarding the show yet. The Four Season 3 was expected to release sometime in January 2019, but it didn’t, and Fox did not release any official statement as well. So, we will have to wait until we get official news about the release of The Four Season 3. 

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